#whyiWPPI with Vanessa Joy

February 18, 2019

By Conor Risch

We asked some of the photographers and educators who are speaking at WPPI 2019 to tell us about their experiences attending WPPI, the largest wedding and portrait photography conference and show in the U.S. Here’s what Vanessa Joy had to say.

What was your first year attending WPPI?
It was 2010 and I had heard all about the show and how crazy fun it was in addition to being where everyone went to learn and network. If you didn’t go, you were stuck watching the social media buzz about it for months missing out!

What is your fondest WPPI memory?
Right after the first time my husband and I spoke at WPPI. We packed the room, got an invite to be on CreativeLIVE, but the best part was running into an inspiration of mine, Dane Sanders, in the hallway after. He took one look at us and noticed the “post-talk high.” It was so fun to find a fast friend that knew where we were in life.

What are you excited to see in 2019?
A little of the old and a lot of the new. I want to see the life and vibrancy that WPPI was known for simply explode in industry-shaking ways.

Why do you come year after year?
I haven’t missed a single one, even when I was crazy-sick, stuck in my hotel room. Seeing all of my friends, making new ones and just being there, in the middle of our amazing photography world—there’s nothing like it.

How has attending WPPI helped you propel your business?
Anything I need to learn, from business and marketing to lighting and posing, is covered at WPPI. I decide what I want to focus on and attend those classes. But more than anything else, the ability to connect with colleagues and find guidance and support where I need it on a real level is my favorite part.


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