Reset Your Photography Business with Rangefinder + WPPI

Rangefinder + WPPI want to help make this a year of adaptation and growth for photographers. We are thrilled to introduce Reset, a series of monthly educational videos and content we are creating to help you grow your photography business in 2021 and beyond.

After you’ve explored the webinars and articles in the Reset series, register to join us in person at WPPI February 27-March 3, 2022 at the Mirage Convention Center in Las Vegas.


Register Now: Using AI in Lightroom for Fast and Consistent Editing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are quickly working their way into all industries, and photography has just begun to embrace them. Entirely new approaches to workflow are now possible, where the RAW dataset of images is processed automatically from cull through edit.

In this webinar, portrait and wedding photographer Sam Hurd will outline every tool in his AI workflow in Lightroom and demonstrate how embracing AI early on will not only lead to more efficiency in your business, but also much higher profitability.

Post-Production and Workflow Wonders

This month we focus on everything “after the capture”—from post-production shortcuts and workflow wonders that will keep your process efficiently seamless.

Business, Branding and Marketing 101

Establishing your photo business successfully requires a strong foundation, as well as strong branding and marketing tactics to draw clients in. You also need to make several key business decisions along the way. Here are some articles to help you sort it all out.

Dynamics of the Family Portrait

From Shoot to Sell—a variety of takes on lifestyle family portraiture, how to approach holiday sessions, scheduling and pricing, posing tips and more.

WATCH: The Power of In-Person Family Portrait Sales with Michele Celentano

Michele Celentano will show you, selling doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing—it can be rewarding and a wonderful way to serve your clients while making money in your business.

The Art of the Upsell: Exploring Photo Product Offerings, Passive Income Streams, Money Management & More

Once the photo shoot is over, the opportunity to bring in more profits has just begun. Learn how to upsell products, services and experiences to your clients organically, in a variety of photo genres. 

High School Senior Portrait Photography from A to Z

We delve into everything that makes a senior shoot successful, from the right styling and locations to posing, propping and more.

WATCH: Cultivating an In Demand Senior Portrait Experience with Audrey Woulard

Join Audrey Woulard as she outlines the steps needed to cultivate a great senior experience for your clients and a solid marketing strategy for you.

Fine-Art Passion Projects: Concept, Creation, Exposure and Profit

Creating a personal photo series or fine-art passion project requires time and planning. We dive deep into all the elements, from concept creation and inspiration to getting exposure for your personal photo projects and learning how to profit from them.

WATCH: Personal Photo Projects: A Path from Passion to Profits

Richard Tuschman shares how he integrates personal and client work into his professional practice, and shows how personal projects can feed your commercial work, expand the reach of your brand, and lead to new income streams.

Wedding Photography in 2021 and Beyond: Business & Style

What does wedding photography look like in 2021 and beyond? We help you navigate the ever-changing genre with articles on making the best of your shoot locations, branding and marketing tips, lighting techniques to help create your signature voice, building elopement and micro-wedding packages that drive the same profit margins as large and lavish weddings, and much more.

WATCH: After Dark: Wedding Portrait Breakout Sessions

When the sun goes down, your creative possibilities go up. Jason Vinson will talk about how to act when inspiration hits, how to prepare your clients for the possibilities, and how to find some easy and creative ways to add light and drama to a scene. 

Portraits that Pop

When it comes to making an impactful portrait, several elements are key, including lighting, posing, concept and approach. Learn the rules and then break them for unique lifestyle, fine-art, environmental portraits and more.

WATCH: Creating Portraits that Pop

From shooting through vellum to adding and subtracting light with V-flats and reflectors, Susan Stripling will show how you can create dramatically different moods with very minimal equipment.


Learn new photography lighting techniques from top photographers, and improve your knowledge and skills.

Watch: Transitioning from Window Light to Flash

In this video, photographer John Gress will help you learn essential techniques with basic equipment to create and control artificial light, so that you don’t have to worry about the weather or the time of day.

Photography Posing Essentials

Level up your posing strategy with the below articles and video featuring ideas and techniques from top pros.

Tamron Presents: Portrait Posing Made Easy with Jay P Morgan [Sponsored]

In this portrait posing workshop, professional photographer Jay P Morgan takes you through easy steps to help your client feel comfortable and bring out the best in their features.

Watch: Posing for Family and Kids

Learn how Caroline Tran directs and poses families to create dynamic portraits.

Dig in further to articles about photography copyright, contracts and taxes, and build your base of essential photography business knowledge.

Watch: Photography Contracts and Copyright: What You Need to Know

Learn about the latest issues in photography copyright and contracts from Aaron M. Arce Stark, an attorney specializing in legal issues for photographers.