Jasmin Jade’s Embrace Boudoir Presets

December 23, 2021

By Jasmin Jade

As a new boudoir photographer back in 2016, I was searching for an editing technique to create unique looks for my imagery. I belonged to a group of local photographers that loved teaching beginners like me and who believed strongly that in our business, it is important to have a unique look and style. Over time I developed my Embrace boudoir presets for other photographers to use as well. But it didn’t happen overnight.

In that first year of starting my boudoir photography business, I spent a lot of money on presets in the hopes of finding my style. The problem was, I had no idea how to use presets, how to edit in Lightroom, how to shoot RAW or what white balance was.  

Presets? I thought they were a scam! Even though they hadn’t worked for me at the time, I told my photographer bestie Sylvia that I would be selling my own in five years. 

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As presets became more popular, other photographers in Facebook groups continued asking me how I edit my images. At the end of 2016, shortly before my family’s next military move to Arizona, I decided to make my own edits available to those followers. 
The response was so overwhelming that I decided to start a separate brand in order to create more presets and make them available for not only boudoir photographers, but all photographers.  

Enter my Embrace Presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

boudoir presets example in black and white.
© Jasmin Jade

I describe my boudoir style as dark and moody a well as sensual and authentic. I also love bold, vibrant colors and a filmy look at times. Unfortunately, most of my looks are not something you can fully achieve in camera, but with the right presets, you can get these looks with just one click. My presets are a way for me to make my life easier and to keep a cohesive look and voice. 

boudoir preset example with Black female subject.
© Jasmin Jade

That said, the style of my boudoir photography does not start with the editing; it begins with the way I photograph, with the colors I use in my studio and outfits, and with the kind of lighting I use and the way I pose my clients.  

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My presets are the last step in my creative process. Over time, my artistic style and my preset looks have changed and evolved, which led me to the creation of The Boudoir Tones—over 40 unique preset that include something for every look and skin tone.

They are created for low light/directed light boudoir imagery. However, they also work very well for images in flat and in natural light, and it gives a moody vibe with more contrast.

Jasmin Jade's boudoir presets include Aphrodisia, as shown here with a female subject lying on a bed.
“Aphrodisia”, from my Boudoir Tones collection. © Jasmin Jade

Some of the presets in Boudoir Tones have a grainy very moody feel and some of them have a creamy vibe that views as perfect skin. The tonal range of this set ranges goes from blue hues to brown warm tones. And names like “Versace on the floor,” “Aphrodisia” and “Drips of Honey” make this collection even more fun to edit. It is also “skintone-centric” and works well with all skin tones!

My very favorite presets in this collection—“All Night Long” and “Jasmin’s Studio”—match my signature dark and moody look, and are two that I use on my photos and edit with all the time.  

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For a more vibrant look when shooting boudoir in natural light outdoors, The Wild Lavender and Wanderlust Collections are magical and dreamy, and give that much-sought-after Golden Hour look. 

Finding a boudoir style that you love is hard work and takes a lot of practice. After putting the photos out into the universe on social media and keeping the momentum through practicing on my models and using my presets, I attracted the type of clients I wanted, ones that embraced my signature look.

Portrait of Jasmin Jade.

Jasmin Jade is an award-winning and internationally published boudoir and portrait photographer from Germany who resides in Washington. Embrace Presets was founded because she was looking to connect with the people around her and create a community of like minded professionals. She believes in community over competition and in empowering other photographers to lift up the industry.