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How to Make Money as a Photographer Using Pic-Time’s Photo Platform

August 2, 2021

By Pic-Time (Sponsored Guest Blog)

Alisha Siegel, Photo by Melody Joy Co.

Photographer Alisha Siegel explains her workflow for making money without much effort through thriving online gallery sales using Pic-Time.

When it comes to making money in photography, there’s no one-size-fits-all template for success. In this article, photographer Alisha Siegel explains her workflow for generating income effortlessly and shares her process for creating an online photo gallery through Pic-Time.

I’ve always said going into freelance that I don’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck. I knew it was essential to build structures and systems to support my work. I also knew I had to be confident in what I was selling and not cut corners.

Finding the most streamlined way to run my business was my first priority. I started to research how to build a streamlined website and portfolio. After that, how to curate my business using other platforms to make it as high-quality and professional as possible. When I came across the all-in-one photo platform Pic-Time, it truly felt like my “Aha!” moment. Finally, a place where I could utilize print sales and deliver photos in a way that is both high-end and simple for my clients to figure out.

Make money with Pic-Time
Mother’s Day Automation Campaign / Pic-Time

Sales Automation Made Easy

When you’re a business owner, you have to always be thinking of ways to leverage your business and market your products. For me, there were a few ways I could go: continue to raise my prices or tap into other streams of income that made sense for what I was currently offering.

Pic-Time’s store options and Sales Automation system has been my answer. The great thing about Sales Automation is that it’s an easy, one-time setupand delivers a chain of personalized emails, different discount banners, reminders and more straight to my clients! Every time a client enters my gallery or adds products to a cart, the system instinctively sends them a notification.

I love that the copy and visuals in the system are ready to go, so no need to do any extra work. It elevates my brand by striking the perfect balance of looking and feeling authentic and elegant without being too sales-y. As a photographer, the visual experience is crucial for me. The banners that exist in the system offer a beautiful color scheme and aesthetic that fits my work like a glove! 

By fully utilizing Pic-Time’s Sales Automation, I’m able to easily reach my clients, their parents, and family members. It’s really important that everyone who’s involved is happy—an easy-to- navigate system and email strategy helps build trust!

Make money with Pic-Time
Valentine’s Day Automation Campaign / Pic-Time

With an online store that integrates directly to my client galleries, I’m able to offer amazing products to my clients. In my family household we have prints all over the place; I just knew we couldn’t be the only family who wanted physical copies of their special moments.

I’m able to effortlessly onboard clients, launch campaigns, send discounts and holiday promotions that reach not only the people I’ve photographed, but all the friends and family who have viewed their gallery. If you think this sounds like a passive income gold mine, that’s because it is.

Make money with Pic-Time
Valentine’s Day Automation Campaign / Pic-Time

A Little More Effort, A Lot More Reward

The more time I put into learning and perfecting how my clients use Pic-Time, the more beneficial it’s been for me. I see amazing results by putting in just 10% more effort with every session to keep the momentum up. The clearest example of this is with holiday promotions. You have to remember you’re a purchase decision for people during times of gift giving. This is an amazing way to make sales from photo sessions you’ve spent all year working on, and Pic-Time’s Sales Automation apps make it easy to apply a holiday campaign to existing galleries.

Make money with Pic-Time
Black Friday Automation Emails / Pic-Time
Make money with Pic-Time
Holiday Automation Campaign / Pic-Time

Time Is Money

Most of all, Pic-Time is a real time-saving tool. I used to spend hours emailing family members trying to figure out how to collaborate and build an album together. Now my clients can do it themselves it’s so hands off that I can focus on other parts of my business, like training associates and working on larger projects.

Make money with Pic-Time
Pic-Time Album Builder
Make money with Pic-Time

If you are a freelancer, you’ll quickly learn that you just can’t do it all on your own. Intentionally using tools like Pic-Time to elevate my business is a choice I’ve been able to make along the way. I feel so lucky that Pic-Time really understands my life as a freelancer and is there as a support system to make money.