WPPI Secret Keynote Speaker Revealed: David Suh! 

February 23, 2024

By Abbey Pleviak

WPPI organizers have just announced that this year’s Mystery Keynote Speaker will be none other than TikTok legend David Suh. Suh gained his massive social media following through his fun, lighthearted, and accessible video content that expresses his core values of authenticity, confidence, and self-love. His message strikes a deep chord that touches the hearts of those far and wide, proven by his literally millions of followers. Not only does Suh teach his followers how to be more photogenic in pictures they take of themselves and others, Suh also takes gorgeous pictures in his LA Studio.  

David Suh thoroughly charmed the audience at TPM 2023. © Spot My Photos

I had the pleasure to see Suh speak at The Portrait Masters Conference (TPM) in Phoenix last year. His energy is unparalleled. Suh appears both completely at ease and completely energized with an easy smile that lights up an entire auditorium. To say the crowd was excited is an understatement, and throughout the conference, many an attendee told me that the main tip they were taking away from the conference came from his talk – that social media is social and to be successful at it, one must think about genuinely connecting with one person at a time to create a community that one truly resonates with.  

Suh embodies this principle not just in his TikTok posts, but also in person. I marveled to see him after his fully expressed TPM presentation, spending hours afterward with attendees. What was he doing? Making TikTok videos with them, of course! He’s a generous soul – quick to share laughter, his infectious smile, and tips of the trade. He is sure to delight WPPI conference goers this year when he speaks on Wed, March 6 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. His Keynote will be on “All Things Posing,” and it is sure to be a hit. 

One must have a full conference pass to attend Suh’s Keynote Talk, which you can purchase right now for only $99 with the code: FEBLOVE. 

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David Suh met TPM attendees after his talk, taking selfies and making TikTok videos, providing hands on education and boosts to their social media accounts. © Spot My Photos

Don’t Miss It! 

WPPI 2024 is not to be missed. With over 66 seminars, 3 mini-conferences (The Portrait Masters, The Wedding Masters, and The Lighting Masters), 80+ exhibitors, 40+ shooting bays, the Icon Awardsfour nights of parties + free access to hot Las Vegas clubs, and 80+ Photo Walks to choose from, there is truly something for every photographer. And with all the opportunities for networking and learning, WPPI is a transformative, career uplifting event that photographers come back to again and again. 

Stay on site at the Mirage Resort to make the most of it and get your tickets today. 

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