SALE EXTENDED! WPPI 2025: The Best Yet at an Amazing Price 

April 10, 2024

By Abbey Pleviak

WPPI just finished its best year since the pandemic, and already organizers are working hard to make 2025 even better and are offering an amazing presale ticket price. WPPI educator Jason Vinson, who has been speaking every year at WPPI since 2018, recently noted in an Fstoppers article called “WPPI is Bigger and Better Than Ever,” that “WPPI is now as good as it ever was, and getting better each year.” (Be sure to check out Vinson’s article in Fstoppers if you haven’t yet. It’s a great read!) 

Organizers made 2024 the best year yet, not by simply trying to replicate what WPPI has been, but by pushing the boundaries of what WPPI is by including more hands-on experiences that allow conference goers to grow their craft by doing as well as listening to learn. Organizers intend to ride this wave into the future by expanding on and refining WPPI 2024’s offerings to make 2025 a truly standout year.

Those astute enough to catch this wave now can nab an epic early bird WPPI presale ticket. Those early birds will get this juicy WPPI presale deal for only $79

The Fujifilm Opening Night Party is always a great party and an amazing way to kick off WPPI. The joy and excitement of arriving at WPPI is always palpable and Fujifilm really knows how to throw a party! © SpotMyPhotos

WPPI 2024 – The Year of More 

Vinson calls 2024 “the year of more” for WPPI, and he’s absolutely correct. Not only were there more Photo Walks, more vendor booths on the Trade Show Floor, more people, and more amazing parties, there were also new debuts. The Icon Awards had its inaugural year, picking up where the WPPI Print Competition left off. Several mini-conferences also debuted at WPPI, including The Portrait Masters Conference, two summits – Lighting and Wedding, and a Spanish-language track.  

The WPPI Playground featured styled shooting bays that corresponded with the shooting interests of those attending the Summits and Portrait Masters Conference. This table set up for wedding detail shots went along with the Wedding Summit. © Abbey Pleviak

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The addition of these mini-conferences also came along with a new feature at WPPI, called the Playground, which was a hall of full-styled shooting bays, where photographers could gain hands-on experience implementing what they learned in Summits and Photo Walks, and build their portfolios at the same time. The WPPI Show Floor also featured an aisle solely dedicated to shooting bays. Many vendors also incorporated shooting bays into their booths. All in all, conference goers had an unprecedented amount of opportunities to capture professional grade portfolio images – more than ever before!  

Even vendors were getting into experiential offerings for attendees with shooting bays right at their booths. © WPPI

As many conference goers have noted, it’s no coincidence that The Portrait Masters coming into the fold coincided with WPPI shifting into its current experiential-learning mindset. This type of interactive conference experience has been a hallmark of The Portrait Masters Conference experience. And along with bringing the TPM conference in, WPPI also brought in TPM’s powerhouse producers to helm WPPI, Aaron Andersen and George Varanakis. Andersen and Varanakis have brought their expansive vision into manifestation with the help of the passionate and dedicated WPPI organizing team. 

They have even more planned for 2025. 

WPPI 2024 offered more opportunities than ever for photographers to build their portfolios with an aisle dedicated to Shooting Bays. WPPI 2025 will offer even more opportunities to shoot. © Abbey Pleviak

WPPI 2025 – The Best Year Yet

Perhaps the most controversial change planned for 2025 will be the greatest thing that has happened for WPPI, which is its move from the Mirage to the Rio. Initially, many were puzzled by the decision.

However, conference goers should be happy to learn that the Rio is in the final stages of a multi-year renovation, and the resort is not cutting any corners. The new pool and room designs draw inspiration from Rio de Janeiro, seven new eateries are adding diversity to dining options, and meeting spaces are also getting a face lift. All these renovations will be complete before 2025, giving conference goers a shiny new Rio experience. 

Photo Walks give photographers the opportunity to work closely with an instructor in a small group setting, learning about a particular aspect of photography. © Jason Vinson

Additionally, the main feature of the Rio that has made many conference goers wary – its location off the Strip – might turn out to be WPPI’s greatest asset for 2025. Being off the Strip means the Rio has even more locations to offer in less crowded settings than if it was on the Strip.  

The Rio’s spaciousness will increase possibilities for Photo Walks, intimate classes with photography pros, where attendees learn about specific topics while working with a fully-styled model in a complementary lighting scenarios. At past conferences, more crowded venues meant Photo Walks were often held close to each other and in public spaces. At the Rio, Photo Walks will have dedicated indoor spaces and increased outdoor options for instructors to explore. 

WPPI 2025’s new location, the Rio, will offer multi-bedroom master suites, which will enable organizers to style naturalistic settings for Photo Walks themed for wedding preparation and boudoir. Pictured is a wedding themed Photo Walk from 2024. © Jason Vinson

These expanded space possibilities, including multi-bedroom master suites, open the door to more privacy and expanded areas of education, such as Photo Walks catering to boudoir photographers and topics like bride/groom preparation. The suites will be dressed like real-life environments, leading to even better portfolio images. 

Conference goers should also prepare themselves for even more networking events, seminars, and more support for the Spanish-language track. 

Many photographers describe WPPI and The Portrait Masters Conference as being like a family reunion. Many photographers have cultivated relationships over the years in online community groups, like The Portrait System Members Only Facebook Group, and seeing each other in person is a highlight of the year. WPPI is on many photographers must-attend list in large part because they love making new friends and connecting with old one. Pictured are two Portrait System friends reuniting at The Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation celebration. © SpotMyPhotos

Early Birds and Smart Shoppers Rejoice  

WPPI is the premiere photography conference in the world. It’s a place for a community of far-flung entrepreneurs to come together for the synergy, excitement, and expansive growth that only coming together can provide. Regular conference goers commonly describe it as “family reunion” meets “Spring Break,” and many note that the camaraderie and chance to unwind and party is just as valuable as the vast learning opportunities it offers along with the ability to try out a plethora of professional gear options and score great deals on them.

The Show Floor of WPPI is like a photographer’s toy store. Virtually every product a photographer would like to get their hands on to try — cameras, lenses, tripods, albums, backdrops, wardrobe, software, and more — is there in one place with experts on hand to explain it all. © WPPI

Experiencing fresh, warm air in the sunny and moderately temperate desert clime is also a big perk for winter weary photographers. Another great draw is that as a business trip, it’s an excellent tax write off. Even if you do intend to write-off WPPI as a business expense, who doesn’t love to save a bunch, to the tune of $100+, for that matter?  

If you’re one of those smart, early bird shoppers, take advantage now on WPPI 2025 presale tickets, valued at $199, available now for only $79. 

This writer looks forward to seeing you there! 

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect a change in the expiration of this presale deal, which has now been extended beyond the previous date.

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