Learn From Wedding Masters at WPPI + a Hot Tip for Right Now! 

February 16, 2024

By Abbey Pleviak

Wedding photography is arguably the most demanding professional photography career out there. One must work with ever-changing lighting situations, moving subjects, and an intense, high-stakes emotional environment. It is also one of the easier genres to break into because there’s so much demand, but to do it well takes tremendous skill, sensitivity, and stamina. One of the best ways to get educated in a craft like wedding photography is to learn from masters at an in-person event like the WPPI Wedding Masters Summit. 

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© KT Merry

What is the Wedding Masters Summit? 

The Wedding Masters Summit is one of two specialized mini conferences kicking off the mega-event that is WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Summits are priced at just $149 and include a full day of instruction with photographers who have shaped the industry and are world-renowned educators. 

For only $99, one can enjoy all that WPPI has on offer — 66 seminars, an epic keynote, 80+ exhibitors, 40+ shooting bays, four nights of parties + free access to hot Las Vegas clubs, and 80+ Photo Walks to choose from (there is an additional charge per Photo Walk). 

Right now, a Show Floor pass can be gotten for free! That pass includes access to the 80+ exhibitors, education on various Show Floor stages, and all the exciting events associated with the Icon Awards. 

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© Susan Stripling

What’s Happening in the Wedding Masters Summit 

Wedding photography can be a little overwhelming because it is so involved. The six educators at the Wedding Summit, who are among the most successful wedding photographers in the industry, will be covering all the bases – from effective pricing, strategies for social media, tools to drive sales, establishing a presence, lighting, posing, and more.  

In addition to instruction from stage, these masters will also work with participants in “The Playground,” which is a hall dedicated just to shooting bays. These 15 custom designed bays will be equipped with Profoto lights, Oliphant backdrops, and fully styled models, so that participants can put what they’ve learned into practice right away.

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© Vanessa Joy

The Wedding Summit educators are Dan O’Day, Two Mann (Erika and Larry Mann), KT Merry, Susan Stripling, and Vanessa Joy. The latter three gave me a little sneak peek into what they’re going to be sharing at the Summit. 

Vanessa Joy, who has been attending WPPI for 14 years will be teaching “Speed Posing for Tight Timelines.” She will show you how to pose an entire family in groups in under 10 minutes! Vanessa shares one actionable tip photographers can start using writing away — “The best way to get a variety of images quickly is to move yourself, not your subject.” 

Susan Stripling has been attending WPPI for 22 years and will be teaching “Mastering Single Light Portraiture.” Using a single light, she will show how to create looks for a couple that range from soft and romantic to high contrast and dramatic. This class will be ideal for photographers with minimal equipment and those who just want to simplify. Susan says, “Overthinking your lighting setup is totally not necessary. You can create a lot of beautiful art with just one light.” 

© KT Merry

KT Merry will be helping wedding photographers take a long view for how to take opportunities now that will help their businesses grow for the long term. She’ll be unveiling a brand new 2024 Photographer Paradigm that shares her five proven booking secrets for luxury wedding photography. 

This is just a taste of all the amazing actionable instruction you’ll get if you attend the WPPI Wedding Summit. 

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Get Your Tickets Now! 

The time is now to plan your photography entrepreneur dream business getaway to Las Vegas for WPPI from March 3 – 7. In fact, as of publication date, it is only 15 days away! 

Organizers are encouraging attendees to stay on site at the Mirage Resort in order to take full advantage of all the networking opportunities that can lead to valuable contacts and lifelong friends. If you’ve already been to WPPI, you already know why not to miss it. If you haven’t attended yet, take this as your sign that 2024 is the year to come see why photographers say that once you experience WPPI, you’ll always want to come back for more! 

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