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COVID-19 Survey: Photographers Turn Challenges into Opportunities

June 18, 2020

By Rangefinder Staff

Graphics By Sharon Ber for Rangefinder + WPPI

In April and May, we asked members of the Rangefinder + WPPI community how they are rising to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked photographers a series of five questions, on topics ranging from how they are pivoting their wedding and portrait businesses to find success during the pandemic, to what they are doing to stay inspired and continue growing as photographers and as people.

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Our goal was to draw on the collective experience of the photographers in the Rangefinder + WPPI community, and to create a space to share ideas, insights and resources. The answers we received from 191 photographers reveal how they have turned the difficulties presented by the pandemic into opportunities for learning, growth and reflection on what the business of professional photography means to them.

Use the links below to see what we learned from the Rangefinder + WPPI community.

Thank you to each of the photographers who took the time to answer our questions.

—The Rangefinder + WPPI Team

Reopening title card

Photographers Prioritize Work, Creative Projects Post-Pandemic

What photographers most look forward to doing as COVID-19 stay-home orders lift reveals what they value in their work and creative lives. In response to our survey, photographers said they anticipate getting back to work, pursuing creative projects and reconnecting with clients and the photo community. Read the full results.

Covid-19 Survey Inspiration Title Card

Resources for Photographers to Watch, Listen to and Read Amid Pandemic

Photographers share what they have watched, listened to and read during the COVID-19 pandemic, including video tutorials; photography, business and marketing books; and films, literary works and other sources of creative inspiration. Read the full results.

Covid-19 Survey Motivation Title Card

Photographers’ Creative Motivation Flourishes in Isolation

As the world shut down and we were all forced to self-isolate, photographers became inspired, and used the time to learn new skills, brush up on existing skill sets, and look inward. Read the full results.

Covid-19 Survey Business Title Card

Photographers Pivot Virtual Business and Shoots

Photographers reveal how they are rethinking their businesses for a more virtual, post-pandemic world; altering their online marketing; and planning for social distancing as they reopen. Read the full results.

Covid-19 Survey Rediscovery Title Card

Photographers Discover A Better Work-Life Balance

Extra time at home allowed for more self-discovery as well as a rediscovery of various branding, marketing and photographic tools to help push skills and businesses further. Read the full results.


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