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The Power of Process: Felix Rachor on How Adobe Stock Helps Expand His Beauty Portfolio

July 28, 2017

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© Felix Rachor

“Because I shoot beauty, I work as a make-up artist, photographer and post-production artist, and don’t have a lot of time,” says Austria-born photographer Felix Rachor, who now calls Berlin his home. But it’s time consuming to wear different hats, which is why having his portfolio displayed on Adobe Stock is so important: It looks great, is easy to use and works flawlessly. “Adobe Stock takes care of the sales and lets me focus on being a beauty photographer.”

© Felix Rachor

For Rachor, being a beauty photographer means focusing on the many details in his workflow. For example, while his models are in make-up, he’ll offer suggestions to his team that he knows will improve his work during the actual shoot and during post-production, particularly when it comes to the styling of hair or accentuating the texture of the skin. “I try to be very precise at the beginning of the process, since I know this will allow me to be more accurate when I retouch my photos,” he says.

He also loves experimentation, which often means breaking rules or going against conventional wisdom. “Many photographers avoid models with skin that looks wet or slick,” Rachor says. “They want to powder everything. And although it’s not easy to take pictures of glossy skin, if you shoot your models at just the right angle, you can create gorgeous pictures.”

© Felix Rachor

Yet Rachor also knows that it can be risky to take such chances when creating beauty and fashion photos. “Shooting photos of models with perfect skin, and then applying a lot of colorful makeup is challenging,” he explains. “You have exactly one chance to put the makeup on the model the right way.” It’s a lot of pressure, especially when shooting for big-name clients. It’s why he tries to keep things light on the set and not take it all too seriously. “I try to remember that although the work can be a challenge, it’s also a lot of fun!”

Generating new ideas is essential to Rachor’s process, and he’s found that Adobe Stock is a multi-tool, in this regard. “I use Adobe Stock not only to sell my work, but also to create it,” he says. “Because it’s nicely integrated with Photoshop and other Adobe apps, it’s easy to alter my work. For instance, say I photograph my subject against a dark gray sky and want to change it. I can quickly search for a different background from within Photoshop using Adobe Stock, like a bright blue sky, and use Photoshop to transform my photograph. That’s why I think Adobe Stock is the future of stock photography.”

His visual experimentation and love of beauty photography has paid off. Rachor’s clients include Universal, Sony BMG, Armani and Lancôme. He’s also shot a lot of editorial and portrait work, capturing many celebrities, actors and comedians. It’s a body of work that comprises a variety of genres. “I love to switch photographic styles, from beauty to fashion to editorial,” he says. “Adobe Stock helps me keep selling my work, even when I switch styles.”

© Felix Rachor

Despite his success, Rachor also likes to point out an often under-appreciated factor in the process of shooting beauty photography: it’s a team effort. Beauty photographers need a great team, which includes a studio manager, photo and post-production assistants, and, of course, great models. “The most important part in beauty photography is to realize that the photographer isn’t the most important person on set.”

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