Jim and Katy Caryl’s goal with each wedding is to realize a cinematic look, producing images that not only can be viewed as a single frame from a movie, but also combine to tell a strong and evocative story of the day. “We want to capture not just what the day looked like, but what it felt like, too.”

The Caryls’ photographic approach combines Katy’s background as a television producer/director making arts documentaries with Jim’s lifelong exploration of mountain landscapes. For interior shots, they often play with controlled natural light and are influenced by the chiaroscuro techniques of the Dutch Master painters. “We love the atmosphere and drama that this brings to an image,” they say. “We particularly enjoy capturing the morning preparations—the quiet anticipation and intimacy, and the sense of the couple easing into the rhythm of their day as they prepare to celebrate their love.”

The rest of the duo’s work—using primarily Nikon cameras—occurs in the wild and remote outdoors as their couples spend a lot of time exploring the landscape. “The combination of stunning natural settings, wild weather, and having a destination to reach all conspire to help us capture genuine moments of physical connection between our couples.”