On the wedding day, Jose Pablo enjoys himself and goes into it without expectations. “I used to put a lot of pressure on myself about having to take the most epic photo, just to end up being disappointed every time,” he explains. “Now I approach every wedding with ease, I go there and shoot whatever my intuition tells me without any expectations, just by feeling it and letting it flow. I do love to take couple portraits so I try to find the most interesting light and the best spots the venue offers. I’ve come to really embrace black-and-white photography and using my flash light in different scenarios.”

Beyond that, Pablo says he tries to keep things really simple, especially in post. “I like the lines to be pretty straight in all my pictures, the colors pretty real, and only bring the saturation a little bit low. I do a first-round selection of all the photos and then a second selection, to bring the number of pictures down to a manageable amount.”

He continues: “I’m proud of how far I’ve come since I started in photography. It’s a tough process, but it definitely pays back with so many life experiences and connections with amazing people. I’ve come to understand that talent doesn’t count as much as hard work, hustling and putting yourself out there to show your work, making connections and being patient through the entire process. It’s easy to get in the way of oneself, but doing the work, showing up for myself everyday and getting beyond my fears is the best I can do for showing love and appreciation for myself and my work.”