What’s Inside My Camera Bag: Wedding Photographer Jasmine Norris’s Necessities

July 22, 2021

By Hailey Black

Courtesy of Jasmine Norris

Wedding photographer Jasmine Norris shares what's inside her camera bag.

Does your camera bag contain everything you need for a seamless photo shoot? Are you well-equipped with the essentials? We asked some pro photographers to give us a peek inside what they carry in our series titled What’s Inside My Camera Bag 

This week, wedding photographer and owner of Jasmine Norris Photography, Jasmine Norris— who is also a speaker at WPPI in August 2021—shares with us her go-to photography gear, lenses, lighting and more! 

Wedding photographer Jasmine Norris's camera bag.

Jasmine Norris is an award-winning wedding photographer who captures the romantic, joyful, and authentic elements of every wedding she covers. Her work has been featured in over 100 publications and blogs including The Knot, Bridal Guide, PopSugar, Gay Weddings, Huffington Post, and more. Jasmine will be leading a session at WPPI 2021 titled Get Published and Stand Out In Your Market As A Wedding Photographer. 

What’s inside Jasmine’s camera bag? Let’s have a look.  

Wedding photographer Jasmine Norris's camera bag.

As a wedding photographer, Jasmine is ultra-prepared when it comes to her primary and backup inventories.


When discussing what’s inside her camera bag, Jasmine says, “I am a full-time wedding and engagement photographer, so my bag is always packed with everything I need to make a couple’s wedding day go off without a hitch!” Her main camera body is the Nikon D780 and her backup cameras is the Nikon D750 (she usually has two with her, just in case).


Jasmine knows lenses, and her inventory confirms that. On her preference, Jasmine tells us that she  shoots wedding day and engagement sessions with prime lenses because, “I love the look I can achieve with them.” For the ceremony (and occasionally the reception), she uses a telephoto lens to ensure she stays out of the way but is still able to get close photos of her clients’ memories.

  • 35mm Sigma Art Lens
  • 50mm Sigma Art Lens
  • 85mm Sigma Art Lens
  • Nikon Nikkor 79-200mm 2.8GII ED AF-S
  • Nikon Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8


As for lighting, Jasmine noted that her go-to brand for speed lights is Godox, with the Neewer brand being her backup. In her camera bag, you’ll find the Godox V860II speed light.

Wedding photographer Jasmine Norris's camera bag.
A look inside what a professional wedding photographer carries in their camera bag.


As a wedding photographer, Jasmine knows that being prepared is imperative to a successful shoot. She lists the Sandisk Extreme Pro as her go-to SD cards and Eneloop Pro Batteries as her preferred rechargeable batteries. She also mentions that a camera rain jacket and clear umbrella both “live” in her bag permanently, in the case of unexpected weather.

  • Memory cards
  • Extra batteries
  • Varied filters and prisms
  • Camera rain jacket and a clear umbrella


The miscellaneous items inside Jasmine’s bag are examples of where her readiness really shines. She even thinks so far ahead as to bring reusable hooks for dresses, ribbons and ring boxes for styling, as well as a sewing kit in case of any day-of mishaps. Jasmine also makes sure she’s covered for the day with an energy bar, water, hand sanitizer, and even pain relievers (we all know what focusing through a viewfinder all day can do to the eyes…no thanks!).

  • Wedding day itinerary
  • Family formal list
  • Wedding questionnaire
  • Reusable hooks
  • Ribbon and ring boxes
  • Sewing Kit
  • Clif bar
  • Water
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pain reliever
  • Chapstick
  • Credit cards and phone
Wedding photographer Jasmine Norris's camera bag.

A Wedding Photographer’s Go-To Gear

Jasmine highlights her two bags that help make it all happen: a Jo Totes Gracie bag for essentials and favorite lenses, as well as a House of Flynn Rolling Bag that she uses to store her backup equipment, additional lenses, and everything else in-between.

We hope you enjoyed our fifth installment of the What’s Inside My Camera Bag 2021series featuring wedding photographer Jasmine Norris. What’s inside your camera bag? Shoot us a tweet and let us know!