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She is Fire: Boudoir Contest Winner

May 31, 2023

By Arlene Evans

© Nicole Sinha

Pictured is Nicole Sinha's boudoir contest winning image.

Nicole Sinha had no idea that she would be the winner of a boudoir photography contest after adding boudoir to her photography business a year ago. The contest was sponsored by Jasmin Jade and her educational program She is Fire, an online course designed by Jasmin to help boudoir photographers master the art of posing and create stunning, emotion-filled imagery. We asked Nicole a few questions about her photography background.

When did you start working in boudoir? 

I only started doing boudoir a year ago as I have been a family photographer for about five years. I just wasn’t getting the spark and soul fulfillment from my sessions as much. I stumbled upon a local workshop through Instagram, did my first session a year ago, and was completely hooked! I love to be able to bring out the unique sexy confidence in a person.  

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How do you make your clients feel comfortable when setting up a pose? 

When setting up poses, I almost always show my client the position first so they can visually see what I’m asking them for. Once they are in the position, I do little tweaks, and I always like to try to get them to breathe and relax into the pose.  

What are the technical details relating to how you captured this image? 

This image was captured with my Canon R5 with a 35mm lens and only natural window light. 

You can find more of Nicole’s work at Nicole Sinha Photography.