10 Random Questions for Jacklyn Greenberg

December 10, 2018

By Libby Peterson

Photo © JAGstudios

Updated 3/2/23

1. What’s your greatest fear?

Fear is an emotion I try not to entertain in my life. Instead, I see it as the next challenge I have to face. I’d rather learn how to do something and choose not to do it than to never try at all.

2. What’s the most challenging shoot you’ve ever had?

It was years ago, while photographing a billionaire’s wedding in 96-degree heat with 86 percent humidity. If you haven’t been in weather like that, it’s really uncomfortable. I had a team of five photographers for 14 hours, and our goal was to do whatever it took not to pass out and still get the shot. Our groom decided it was too hot for him, so he changed into a swimsuit and jumped in the pool to cool off while all the guests and his bride looked on! He only came out of the pool to cut the cake and have their first dance, soaking wet and only in swim trunks—quite a contrast to the bride, in a custom Vera Wang dress and millions in jewels. It was definitely a challenge to tell their story with the groom level at everyone’s feet while he was in the pool for hours.

3. What was your favorite candy growing up?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Those were like gold as a kid!

4. Where does your business name, JAGstudios, come from?

JAG is my initials.

5. What makes your studio eco-friendly?

We aim to be environmentally aware with everything we do—collecting rainwater for our garden, composting, bringing our own bags, minimizing our plastic use, eating local and organic. At work, we try to think of the environment first, even down to the details like wrapping our clients’ orders in bio-degradable cellophane and print bags, unbleached papers for notes and boxes, reusable and unbleached canvas bags to deliver in person. We also love working with other businesses that care as well, like The Image Salon for our editing, who also edits charitable projects for free, and ProDPI for printing our work on eco-friendly papers.

6. What’s your strategy for selling to clients?

Allowing our clients to visualize what is most meaningful to them and where in their home they’d like to sit back and see it on their walls. They pretty much spell out exactly what they want, so then we just have to deliver.

7. What’s the last show you’ve binge-watched?

We’re blazing through The Handmaid’s Tale right now. It’s twisted and stunningly beautiful at the same time!

8. If you could only listen to one band or singer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Definitely my brother’s music, Mike Green. I’ve been listening to him create music since he was 3!

9. Have you ever had a former look that you now regret?

Hmmm… No regrets.

10. How do you stick to your style after 10+ years?

I suppose by just doing what feels right to me. I’ve always been highly focused on the emotional aspect and connection with my clients. That never goes out of style!

Jacklyn Greenberg runs her envornmentally-conscious photo business, JAGstudios, out of Greenwich, Connecticut.

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