10 Questions for Video Marketing Expert Anesha Collins

June 10, 2019

By Libby Peterson

Photos © Unashamed Imaging

1. Why is video marketing so important for photographers?

Simply put, the future is video. What I mean by “future” is the next generation that has the most influence on consumer buying power. Video saves time and money for both the consumer and business owner. It also helps to build the know, like and trust factor!

2. What’s one of your fondest childhood memories?

Spending time with my grandmother. Even though she’s no longer with us, she taught me a lot about being a confident woman. 

3. What do you tell photographers who feel they are too shy to get on camera and talk about their brand?

This is the number one fear that I hear all the time. It’s actually what motivated me to create my #28DayChallenge: Get Over Your Fear of Being On Camera. Behind the “excuse” of being shy usually underlies a deeper-rooted reason. After that, I’m able to help people really build a strategy that works for them. With the #28DayChallenge, it has allowed them to use what they have and keep it simple by using Instagram Stories to combat this fear.

4. You have a nursing degree. Why did you decide to leave that career path?

I didn’t feel completely in my purpose. I would eat, sleep and dream of owning a visual media company. But nursing taught me a lot of things that I brought into my business like listening, empathy and organization.

5. You moved from one part of the country to the other. What was the most jarring part of that process?

The culture in Florida is completely different from New York. I also left New York at a time when most start exploring the city, really finding themselves and more. I had to adjust to a lot when I moved to Florida. Even though it was a climate and cultural change, I would’ve never started my business. That’s the best part!

6. Where do you see social video going in the future and how photographers interact with it?

IGTV and Insta Stories are two platforms to focus on. By no means do I mean overload it with content. Create evergreen content that gives you the ability to repurpose it. And focus on user-generated content because this will keep you top of mind and tip of tongue.

7. What words of wisdom can you impart on a photographer who’s curious about shooting video?

You already have some basic knowledge—if you shoot in manual mode, photography-wise—but don’t assume that it’s a matter of just clicking the record button. Video is emotion in motion. It shows everything. Master storytelling and the rest will fall into place.

8. What are your favorite TV shows?

I honestly don’t watch much television. I’m more of a movie theater, Redbox and Netflix girl. 

9. What’s the last song that you listened to?

The “Top 10 Violin Covers of 2018” by Ember Trio on YouTube. I love their flawlessly played cover songs.

10. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever endured and what did you learn from it?

Having Stage 3 breast cancer I learned how resilient I am. It also taught me the value of time. I used to be scared of death in general. I’m no longer scared of death, and I do my part to have a healthier lifestyle to reduce being sick for the rest of my life. I have a lot of work to still do in life, so being healthy is the priority!

Anesha Collins is a Florida-based photographer, videographer and educator who specializes in video marketing and content creation through her platform, LearnWithAC.

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