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Kristen Kidd’s New Book Explores Deep Connections Between Women and Their Dogs

August 29, 2019

By Jacqueline Tobin

Photo © Kristen Kidd Photography

After spending two years  photographing 50 women and their canine companions, Philadelphia photographer Kristen Kidd has published a coffeetable book of the images, titled Woman’s Best Friend.

“I asked my female subjects—each of whom had fought to rise above a tremendous struggle— ‘How has your dog been there for you in ways that humans could not?’” she explains, “and the response was overwhelming.” Kidd’s hope for the 94-page, 12 x 12-inch hardcover book produced by GraphiStudios is, she says, to erase stigmas associated with depression, anxiety, grief, breed discrimination and loving a pet as much as we might love a human.

“Adorable dog photos for all to enjoy alongside these harrowing accounts is a bonus,” she says. “We’ve created a tome that says, ‘You’re not alone. You’re not weird.’” Profits from the book will go to the local rescue Kidd works closely with, Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue, in Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

The play on the book’s title is intended, as Kidd hopes she’s also created something to  “turn the trope ‘man’s best friend’ on its head!”

Price: $125

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