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Fujifilm X-Summit: A Camera, a Lens, an App, and Firmware Updates 

May 25, 2023

By Theano Nikitas

Fujifilm just announced the APS-C 26-megapixel X-S20, the new super-wide XF8mm F/3.5 R WR lens, a revamped app, and firmware updates for 13 Fujifilm cameras. These announcements have something for most Fujifilm (or would-be) shooters. 

The new APS-C 26-megapixel X-S20 is a powerful, video-capable camera with AI-driven subject detection, film simulation modes, and five-axis body stabilization. © Fujifilm

APS-C 26-Megapixel X-S20

The X-S20 is a more powerful and video-capable update to its X-S10 predecessor. While built around the same 26-megapixel sensor of the X-S10, the new model‘s X Processor 5, first seen in the higher end Fujifilm X-2HS, provides performance improvements and enables some of its new features. 

AF technology from the X-H2/H2S adds AI-driven subject detection. In addition to the standard subjects (human face/eye, animals, trains, etc.), Fujifilm has included insect and drone detection as well. I’m intrigued by the former for my summer bee-on-milkweed images. There is also an auto subject detection option, if/when your subjects vary and you want to avoid changing settings between shots.  

Of course, the X-S20 offers Fujifilm’s film simulation modes, along with an auto selection option. Five-axis in body image stabilization can reach up to 7.0 stops. Its body remains compact and lightweight at about 1.08 pounds, and when set to economy, the X-S20’s new battery can capture around 800 shots on a single charge.  

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Thanks to the new processor, video capabilities have been expanded and the X-S20 can now capture up to 6.2K/30P video internally and 12-bit Apple ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW at 6.2K/30p and5.2K/30p. Fujifilm has also included F-Log2 to take advantage of 13+ dynamic range, among other video upgrades. 

Vlog-specific features include a product priority focus mode that pauses face/eye detection to showcase the object and not the presenter. And the camera can be used as a webcam straight out of the box; no special software needed. 

The X-S20’s accessory tripod grip has start/stop controls on the handle perfect for walk-and-talk vlogging. © Ryan Tuttle

Optional accessories include the same cooling fan used by the X-H2/H2S cameras to keep operating temperatures low enough to record for 80 minutes. An accessory tripod grip with start/stop controls is perfect for walk-and-talk vlogging. 

The X-S20 may be a good choice as a second camera for Fujifilm X-H2 or X-H2S shooters. It’s also a useful tool for behind-the-scenes footage, and you don’t need to vlog or livestream to take advantage of its features. Overall, this is a good everyday camera. It has some solid features but is family-friendly, too. Available at the end of June. 


$1,300 (body only) 

$1,400 (XC 15-45MM F/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ) 

$1,700 (XF 18-55MM F/2.8-4 R LM OIS) 

The XF8mm f/3.5 WR Lens is the wides prime in Fujifilm’s X-series. © Fujifilm

XF8mm f/3.5 WR Lens 

The widest prime in Fujifilm’s X-series, this 8mm (35mm-equivalent of 12mm) f/3.5 weather resistant lens is small (3.4” x 2”) and light enough (7.6 ounces) to comfortably pair with compact Fujifilm cameras. Take it on location to shoot landscapes, interiors, large wedding events, and when you’re out shooting the night sky.  

Price: $800 

Fujifilms’s new XApp promises easier connectivity while offering interesting features such as the ability to identify lenses. © Fujifilm


Designed for use with a wide range of X- and GFX-series cameras. Just be sure to update your firmware before installing the iOS or Android app. Fujifilm promises easier connectivity—a problem we’ve all encountered from one time or another regardless of who developed the app.  

There are also a number of interesting features over and above the traditional remote shooting, transferring images and other options we’ve come to expect from an app. In addition to identifying camera and lenses (even third-party lenses), you can back up images on a mobile device and then reload the files into the camera. For film simulation fans, there are film canister icons to match. Through a special Fujifilm network, you can log your images and a journal representing your activities over time. The app is available now and should be a great complement to any Fujifilm cameras. 

Firmware Updates 

Firmware updates are available for 13 X- and GFX-series cameras. Be sure to update yours. 

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