Fujifilm at WPPI: Frame.io C2C Tech, Opening Party & More

February 28, 2023

By Jacqueline Tobin

© PWP Studio

If you’ve attended the WPPI conference and trade show recently or been to events that Fujifilm has sponsored, then you know that the company likes doing things “outside the box,” as Victor Ha, Fujifilm’s Vice President of Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices divisions, likes to say. This year, Fujifilm’s events—including an opening party, curated photo walk and shooting bays—center around the unveiling of the new Frame.io C2C (Camera to Cloud) technology for select Fujifilm cameras.  

Last October, Fujifilm announced a collaboration with Adobe to offer the world’s first Camerato-Cloud native integration for digital still cameras, powered by Frame.io via a firmware update this Spring. The firmware will be available for both the FUJIFILM X-H2S and the X-H2, and will allow users with an FT-XH file transmitter accessory to use their paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions and any active internet connection to deliver any combination of still or video files to Frame.io—a video review and collaboration platform—directly from their cameras.

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“This will accelerate production workflows and create opportunities anywhere in the world to remotely collaborate in real-time by providing centralized access to still and video assets as they are being made,” says Ha, “even across multiple users.”

WPPI 2023 will be the first public demonstration of this technology. “This ‘unveiling’ will allow attendees the opportunity to see what a cloud workflow looks like,” Ha explains. “Getting image and video files from your digital camera into post-production is a time-consuming process that can often require creating backups, transferring to hard drives, and then forwarding to the next stop in the production workflow. C2C eliminates these tedious steps altogether, from the press of the first shutter, or the end of the first take, with this firmware and using FT-XH, files will automatically upload to a user’s Frame.io account directly from the FUJIFILM X-H2S or X-H2 and be ready for use within seconds of being made. This will be a game changer for both wedding and portrait photographers, alike. I’m pretty excited about it; it’s something that’s new and fresh.” 

The Photo Walk Experience: Learn About Frame.io C2C technology  

Ha says there will be a Fujifilm “curated” Photo Walk Experience at WPPI on Monday, March 6, from 4-7 p.m. and attendees will be invited to travel through three unique destinations for an interactive C2C experience. They will be guided in small groups to these popups with a Fujifilm photographer and rep where they can learn about the latest C2C technology. The experience will end with at the Center Bar where attendees can see their amazing work in real time and network over drinks with the Fujifilm team. Embracing the spirit of Vegas, the destinations include an Elvis officiated wedding, a glam showgirls’ moment and a Hangover inspired scene. 

The Opening Night Party  

Fujifilm is also sponsoring WPPI’s Opening Night Party on Monday, March 6th from 8 to 11 p.m., taking over a private night club called the Capri Lounge (formerly known as 1 Oak). Ha says it promises to be “an incredibly unique experience.” Attendees just need to show their conference pass at the door and be ready to “dance the night away.” There will also be giveaways and priceless photo ops!

The Theatre, Shooting Bays and Gear  

On the show floor from March 7-9, Fujifilm will host a theater with curated C2C education all day, and attendees will be able to loan gear to play with in the custom studios or throughout the Mirage campus. Fujifilm will also be offering gear check and clean services in this space. 

If you are attending WPPI (there’s still time to register and get a great deal!), Ha says to make sure to keep an eye out for a 7-foot cloud walking around (promoting the Frame.io C2C technology), take photos with it and have some fun!