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Six-Figure Wedding Photography: Making Your Website a True Reflection of Your Brand’s Spirit

January 27, 2019

By Ashley Beasley

© Luke and Ashley

This article is part of a monthly online-only series on the stepping stones to becoming a six-figure photographer. Stay tuned for more specific tactics and techniques on getting yourself there.

As we enter our eighth year of owning our photography business, we like to reflect on the beginning: the seasons of excitement, the learning curves, and the numerous mistakes we made along the way. This reflection encourages us to realize how far we have come, and it serves as a reminder to not make the same mistakes.

When looking back, one thing that we got wrong for a long time was our website. We were caught up on the beautiful templates and the logos. While these things are important, we found ourselves spending way too much time and energy focusing on such small, insignificant parts of the moving puzzle. I remember spending hours (that turned into days, that turned into weeks) working on a website that didn’t reflect who we were, or our work. We bought templates that seemed perfect and yet, when we began to insert our images and ourselves into these templates, things just didn’t look right. It was frustrating, and so much time was wasted that we could have invested in other more critical aspects of our business.

It wasn’t until our third year when we finally felt like we were discovering who we were with our site; we hired a branding consultant and slowly began to find our voice and identity. Our designer created a mood board, logo, and overall look that represented our photography. This way, when we put our images into our website, it flowed nicely and naturally. If it were not for a professional, we would still be spinning our wheels, wasting time and money.

As we begin to dive into the foundational steps that we took to build the six-figure business we have today, we are going to focus first on the website. It’s the storefront to your business. Having a good site will help you generate new leads and attract the right kind of clients. It might have taken us a little longer to understand this, but we have consistently grown our business since opening shop, and our website has played a considerable role in our growth.

January is usually a slower month for many photographers. This time of year is a great time to focus in on your website and make the needed changes to set you up for success. The key to a great site is periodically tweaking and updating to keep it fresh and relevant to your audience. We encourage you to do these three things, twice a year, to keep your website polished for your audience.

1. Take another look at your “updated” portfolio.

As a photographer, you are always shooting. Always sharing on social media, and maybe even blogging.  These are great ways to share your most recent work and keep your name in front of your audience.  However, we tend to forget to update our website.  If our website is the storefront to our business, we need to ensure it reflects recent work we have done.  Our style and brand will continuously evolve, and we need to ensure our portfolio reflects this.  Not only do you want to spend the time to show your recent work but also display what you want to shoot. Showcasing this will attract your ideal client. Take the time to update your portfolio at least twice a year and only show your best work.

2. Read through your about page to make sure it still resonates.

These days, people are looking for connections rather than just transactions. Your about page is one of the most important pages on your website, and yet usually, it’s the most ignored. Accolades and accomplishments are significant, but even more so are how you connect to your audience. Do not be afraid to share your personality, your likes and dislikes as well what makes you different from everyone else. And don’t forget to update your headshots! Show your face and your latest look. We recommend new headshots and branding photos at least every six months.

3. Take a fine-tooth comb to every bit of copy on your site.

Does it all speak to your ideal client? Just like your portfolio, the wording on your website needs to convey a clear message to the customers you want in your inbox. Is the copy relevant and mistake-free? What about SEO? Are you targeting specific keywords on your site? Go through and tweak what needs refreshing. It will help you hone a clear and concise message. As you begin to grow into your brand, your message will continuously evolve, so by making it a point to revisit your copy biannually, you’re ensuring the most relevant message to potential clients.

Many vital components play a part in a successful business, and your website is one of them. It is easy (and maybe even tempting!) to ignore your site amid the craziness of running a business, but remember, this is the storefront to your craft. Take the time to make it stand out. Your time and commitment will pay off immensely, and you will be well on your way to building a strong foundation to your business.

Ashley Beasley and her husband, Luke, are a photo duo based in Virginia who run their own education platform called Luke & Ashley Education. Each month, right here, they’re breaking down the stepping stones to becoming a six-figure photographer. Stay tuned for more tactics and techniques on getting yourself there.

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