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How Collaborating with a Wardrobe Stylist Can Level Up Your Portrait Business  

January 4, 2023

By Abbey Pleviak

In this episode of The Portrait System Podcast, host Nikki Closser speaks with photographer Claire Marchand and wardrobe stylist Keely Lozier, who are based in Norwich, Connecticut, and have been collaborating for several years. In this conversation, they explain how they work together and how their collaboration has helped them and their businesses grow; at the same time it has provided an excellent client experience.  

When Marchand and Lozier initially met at an event hosted by a mutual friend, who upon introducing them said they should work together, they both were dubious, in large part due to their age difference. Marchand was in her early 20s while Lozier has three grown daughters and a grandchild. However, they subsequently worked together at a branding photoshoot for the same friend and found that they had a very synergistic working relationship. Marchand invited Lozier to come style a jewelry shoot for her, and they have been working together ever since.  

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Currently, Marchand has the initial client consultation and then Lozier follows up to work on wardrobe styling and design. Lozier is also present during the shoot, making sure the wardrobe looks as good on camera as they planned and also giving input on other elements of design. Before long, Marchand also realized that having Lozier at the reveal was a great help to her clients and also increased their sales. Lozier has a sales background and takes a commission for the sales she makes.  

Having a wardrobe stylist removes the main area of stress many clients have about their photoshoot, particularly about what to wear. Additionally, Marchand and Lozier have found that working together has helped them both grow professionally.  

Says Marchand, “We’re always, always pushing the boundaries of what we can do. And I personally have always been like that, but now having someone that I work with who is able to challenge me even more has just made my work… I mean, if you look back at my Instagram before I met Keely and then you look now, the amount of improvement we’ve made in our work is just crazy. I’m blown away by it.” 

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Both Marchand and Lozier recommend that if you are going to work with a wardrobe stylist, go all in. Clients don’t always understand why they would need a stylist just as they might not understand why they need hair and makeup, but the result of having a professional guide the process brings them so much satisfaction with the final result.  

wardrobe stylist Keely Lozier and photographer Claire Marchand.
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To learn more about Claire Marchand’s work, visit her website. You can learn more about Keely Lozier, and even book a virtual consult with her, through her website

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