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Business-to-Business Boudoir Marketing 

September 28, 2023

By Abbey Pleviak

In competitive sales markets, making the right alliances can be a key component to a successful marketing strategy. Stephanie Bordas of Brooklyn Boudoir recently spoke with host Nikki Closser on The Portrait System Podcast about how she started her photography business and how making an alliance with Sugar Cookies Lingerie has become an important, fun, and community-building part of her marketing strategy. 

Bordas spent the first two decades of her adult life working as a tv and film producer. While she enjoyed the excitement of jetting off to sets around the world, when she started a family, she wanted a career that was closer to home where she would have more control over her time. After being referred by a friend to a boudoir photographer and sitting for a shoot herself, Bordas had an epiphany that she could be a boudoir photographer and do it in a way that would be deeply satisfying for her. Bordas developed her studio with a mind to making it cool, modern, and completely client centric.

Bordas explained that she has been lucky in never having had to do paid marketing. The SEO on her website has always brought her clients and she gets many repeat clients and referrals. However, for the last few years, she also has been working with Sugar Cookies Lingerie in business-to-business marketing, which has brought them both new customers and created some enriching community events for their clients.  

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Initially, Sugar Cookies would simply suggest Brooklyn Boudoir as a place to have photos taken, and Bordas would suggest clients purchase wardrobe for their shoot at Sugar Cookies. Next, they planned a Boudoir and Bubbles champagne party where folks could purchase new lingerie and get one free image from Bordas with the option to purchase more. Recently, they held an exclusive event in a hotel overlooking the New York City skyline that included private lingerie shopping, dinner, and a burlesque show. Now, they’re considering going bigger with destination events. All their collaborations have fostered wonderful community with women cheering each other on and lifting each other up.

When it comes to choosing who you partner with, Bordas says rapport is essential. As soon as she entered Sugar Cookies, she felt at home and that their high-touch, connection-based way of doing business felt just like her own. Bordas say, “When I found Suzanne, who’s the owner of Sugar Cookies, and we started partnering together, it just felt easy and frictionless. And I think that’s what you really have to go for.”  

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Visit Brooklyn Boudoir to learn more about Stephanie Bordas and her work. 

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