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Boudoir and Motherhood Portraits: Photographing Feminine Power 

October 26, 2023

By Abbey Pleviak

The power and beauty of womanhood is like a multi-faceted diamond. Megan Allen, of Megan Marie Photographer, is a Burlington, Vermont, portrait photographer dedicated to empowering women in their feminine strength and beauty with boudoir and motherhood photography. She recently met with host Nikki Closser on The Portrait System about her photography journey and how she brings boudoir and motherhood together into one brand focused on nourishing feminine power. 

Megan’s first career began in a hair salon. She worked in reception before progressing into management and then into employee development. In that role, Megan helped women pursue their career passions, and suddenly, she realized it was time for her to do the same for herself. Megan had been dabbling in photography on the side, but she was ready to pursue it completely. Initially, she did on-location family photography, but after a time, Megan realized she wanted to focus in more on just women. She also desired a space where she could have control over the environment. When she acquired her own studio, Megan was able to curate a warm, safe, inviting space. At that time, the boudoir side of her work blossomed.  

Now, Megan typically does around four – five shoots per month with an average sale around $3,500 – $4,000. The majority of her clients come to her through her private Facebook group, which she started during the pandemic. It’s a safe space for local women to open up and be vulnerable, be silly, and support each other in the fullness of their femininity.  

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Megan says, “There’s so many different parts to us. There’s a sensuality. There’s the mom. There’s the lover. I look at all these different parts of us as women, and I really want to nurture that with the studio and also with my own personal life. I help women walk that path of reclaiming their sexuality, sensuality and becoming more comfortable in their body.” 

Megan’s work shares the tenderness and intimacy of women through the potent genres of boudoir and motherhood. Both at their core have the potential to connect women with the power of their bodies. Through this, Megan endeavors to help them feel more comfortable in who they are and unashamed to express themselves that way. She knows she has been successful when she sees a woman leave her studio as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders – excited, energized and feeling beautiful. 

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To learn more about Megan Allen’s portraiture, visit Megan Marie Photographer

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