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Amy Head: From Shoot & Burn to Sustainable & Successful

February 8, 2023

By Abbey Pleviak

In this episode of The Portrait System Podcast, host Nikki Closser speaks with portrait photographer Amy Head, who owns Lucid Life Photography and Beauty in Gaffney, South Carolina. Head has struggled with her studio’s finances for over 20 years, charging the kind of low prices that lead to burnout. This last year, she realized the key to making her business sustainable and successful.

Head got started in photography working on her high school yearbook. After graduating, she went to college for graphic design. Inspired by a visit from a professional photographer, Head put out her shingle at the age of 18, charging $50 for a portrait session with hair, makeup, and 25 images, and $800 for weddings. While she did gradually raise her price over the years, Head always felt there was a discrepancy between what she was able to make for her photography vs. what she wanted to be charging and people seeing the value in it. Eventually, Head realized she needed to look at the way she was valuing herself. 

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She says, “At the beginning of 2022. . . I [did] a lot of inner work. I did a lot of meditation. I did a lot of journaling. I wrote out my intentions and my goals, and I literally took step by step, as needed, to reach those goals whether they were large or small. And I started pouring myself into listening to Sue [Bryce] and The Portrait System, the education, and everything started aligning for me.” 

In addition to listening to Bryce’s videos on Self-Value, the Price Calculator included in The Portrait System membership was crucial for Head in reaching her financial goals. It helped her understand from a purely financial basis, unhindered by emotion, just how many shoots she needed to book and how much those shoots needed to bring in. Additionally, the Money and Pricing lessons in the 12-Month Startup gave her that extra push to get her prices where they needed to be. 

When Head started her 40 Over 40 campaign this year to celebrate women over 40, her business really took off, and now she is enjoying the success she has always dreamed of. 

Amy Head from Shoot and Burn to sustainable and successful

To learn more about Head and how she continues to be sustainable and successful, visit Lucid Life Photography and Beauty

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