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Your Photography Website Redesign No-Stress Approach

April 17, 2020

By Jen Rozenbaum

A photographer’s presence and marketing is so widespread on social media these days, but I still believe it is important to have a website that truly encompasses all you do and who you are. Because of that, I decided to relaunch my website,, earlier this year.

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We like to put it off, but in truth it is always the right time to spruce up your website and start working on getting traffic up. Here are the top five tips I learned that will make the photography website redesign process easier for you. 

1. Hiring a professional vs. doing it yourself

hiring professional to redesign website jen rozenbaum

Unless you are a web wiz (I am not!) and can easily make a site on your own, hire a professional who can guide you through branding. Not only for the ease of it but for the accountability.

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I hired Sam Munoz. Without her, I would have had 100 reasons not to work on my site. She kept me clear and focused, and we even launched a few days early.

There are also sites out there that are easily build-able on your own. I have done that for my client site, but for my main website, I wanted something more custom. 

2. Presence over perfection

website redesign tips better than social media

Stop obsessing over the “perfect site” and launch already, would ya?

Here’s a tip: Your website is never going to be done. You will always be evolving, and so will your site. Perfectionism isn’t your friend when you want to get things done.

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Publish now; fix later! Just be sure you’re making it easy for clients to reach out to you.

3. Show your face

show face on website redesign

I can’t tell you how many photography websites I go to and there is no photo of the photographer!!!

I know it’s hard to get in front of the lens. But if you are asking your clients to do it, you have to do it too!

4. Call to action 

provide call to action on website redesign

The most important item your website can have is a call to action. I like email lists, myself. I use Sticky Email to build my client email list by offering my visitors what is called an opt-in. They give me their email and in exchange, I offer them a guide that is beneficial for them if they are thinking of a shoot.

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An email list is more important than likes and follows on any social media platform because it’s yours! Facebook and Instagram could shut down tomorrow, but no one can take your email list.

5. Have fun! 

more than photography on website redesign

Add elements of yourself and your personality. It’s not only fun but also polarizing. It will attract your ideal client and turn away the ones that aren’t meant for you.

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Don’t be afraid to show the different sides of you—not just your photography!

Jen Rozenbaum is a boudoir photographer, WPPI speaker and breast cancer survivor. She last wrote about the best boudoir posing method that flatters every female client.