Watch: Painting with Light Using Brushes in Lightroom

March 12, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

When you hear the phrase “light painting”, it’s hard to not first think: colorful LED wands and long exposures. While that’s not wrong, there is more than one way to get creative with light in your image.

In this tutorial, Matt Kloskowski walks you through one of those ways, using the brush tool in Lightroom.

Some takeaways:
* this technique can be used to subtly add fill light in an image
* make the brush fairly small at the origin but keep the feather up to 100 percent
* keep the same adjustment brush when creating multiple light beams
* use the erase brush to fade portions of light at the edges for greater realism
* the same technique used in Lightroom can be deployed in Photoshop and even ON1
* if you use ON1, the brush can occasionally leaves gaps that you’ll need to fill in manually, particularly close to the
original pin

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