Sneak Peek! 8 Innovative Pieces of Photo Gear to Look Forward to at WPPI 2019

February 11, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

The Westcott Flex Cine RGBW Mats deliver light across the entire color spectrum, so you can create color effects without gels.

Later this month, WPPI will play host to a range of new and exciting, innovative photo gear. Here’s a quick look at some of the products you‘ll want to get your hands on.

Westcott Flex Cine RGBW Mats

The unique Flex LED Mats from Westcott deliver a versatile lighting solution that can be bent, twisted and rolled up for all manner of unique lighting setups. You’ll enjoy a CRI of 97 and 1800 lux output at 3 feet. Wireless dimmers, battery packs and extension cables are also available.

Price: $849 (1 x 1 foot)

The Tiffen Lowel Tota LED is super powerful.

Tiffen Lowel Tota LED

The powerful Tota can deliver 4275 lux at 3 feet of daylight-balanced light—the equivalent of a 750W tungsten bulb without the face-melting heat—and you can adjust power via a stepless dimmer.

Price: $449

LaCie Portable SSD Drives

These ultra-compact SSDs use speedy USB 3.1 Gen 2 to keep file transfers humming along at up to 540MB/s (read) or 500MB/s (write). The Portable SSD Drives can endure drops from as high as 6 feet and will be sold in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities.

Prices: starting at $130 |

The BenQ SW240 24-inch monitor.

BenQ SW240

This 24-inch monitor covers 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color space, 100 percent of the sRGB color space and 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, ensuring you’re working in a color-accurate environment.

Price: $399

Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed

A battery-powered variant of Interfit’s budget-friendly strobe, the Honey Badger Unleashed delivers 250 W/s of flash output and up to 430 full-powered flashes on a fully charged battery. Like its predecessor, it uses a Bowens S mount for modifiers.

Price: $350

3 Legged Thing Trent Monopod

The Trent Monopod is not only one of the tallest monopods around but also the only one (that we know of) named after the Nine Inch Nails frontman. While the flesh-and-blood Trent stands a mere 67 inches tall, the monopod edition can reach 80 inches tall (with a minimum height of 26.4 inches collapsed). The Trent weighs in at just 1.4 pounds and can carry up to 65 pounds.

Prices: $80 (standalone), $130 (with docz)

MagnetMod MagBox

At the heart of this new three-part system is the 24-inch MagBox, which MagMod says distributes light evenly without a hotspot. The MagBox is compatible with a new FocusDiffuser, which the company says delivers the soft light of a softbox with the control and precision of a gridded beauty dish without the loss of light you’d expect from a gridded softbox.

Price: $249

Tether Tools ONsite Power

If you need portable power, Tether Tools’ new ONsite Power line of accessories may just do the trick. ONsite uses D-Tap batteries to charge AC and USB-powered devices such as laptops, camera batteries, LED monitors and lights, tablets and phones.

Price: $90

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