The Latest and Greatest Continuous Lights and Strobes

October 3, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

Continuous Lights

Editor’s Choice: F.J. Westcott Flex Cine Mats RGBW

Westcott’s updated flexible LED mat now has a wider color gamut so you can set the lights to any value across the entire color spectrum. You’ll enjoy a CRI of 97 and 1800 lux output at 3 feet. It’s flicker-free for high frame-rate videos up to 960 fps. You can mount the Cine Mat using the grommets in all four corners. Those corner edges are also magnetized if you want to pop them onto a metallic surface. The mats are weather resistant, measure 1/3-inch thick and weigh under 3 pounds. They’re available in 1 x 1- or a 1 x 2-foot sizes.  

Price: $849 (1 x 1), $1,499 (1 x 2)

Fotodiox SkyFiller

Available in both bi-color and RGB+W editions, the ultra-portable SkyFiller draws power from either V-mount batteries or an AC adapter. The bi-color version of the light has an adjustable color temperature of 2800K to 6500K, while both models include a carrying case, remote control and diffuser. 

Price: $300 and up 

Elinchrom ELM8

Made in conjunction with Light & Motion, the ELM8 outputs 8,000 lumens of daylight-balanced light and supports the use of Elinchrom light modifiers. It’s battery-powered and can run from between 50 minutes and 4 hours, depending on power setting. It has a CRI of 93 and is compatible with both Elinchrom’s Skyport remote and Phottix’s Odin II transmitter.

Price: $1,699

NanLite LitoLite 8F

The NanLite LitoLite 8F is a compact, focusable LED fresnel. The beam can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees with a color temperature range of 3200K to 6500K. There’s an integrated filter holder for up to three 65 x 70mm filters. The light ships with a pair of filters (warm and cool), plus barn doors and a case. It delivers up to 560 lumens of illumination and works with multiple power options, including an AC adapter (sold separately), Sony NP-F style batteries (sold separately), or 6x AA batteries via an included adapter.

Price: $139

Lykos 2.0 Bi-Color

With a water-resistant design and Bluetooth remote control, the Lykos works as well in the field as it does in studio. When not connected to AC power, the Lykos can run off of a pair of Sony L-type or Canon LP-E6 batteries. Color temperature is adjustable from 3500K to 6500K with a CRI of >95. It’s dimmable from 0 to 100 percent, and a diffuser is included. 

Price: $300

Savage Universal RGB Pro Panel

This panel can deliver 360 colors for a variety of creative effects and is pre-loaded with 35 effects and patterns such as fade, strobe, pulse and more. Each selection can be fine-tuned to regulate the amount of red, green and blue for color balancing your scene. The light can be controlled remotely via DMX or from a mobile device. The color temperature is adjustable from 3200K to 9999K and presets can quickly set the light to tungsten, fluorescent cool and daylight, and more. 

Price: $400 (50W), $690 (100W)

Tiffen Lowel Tota

This LED flood light can deliver 4275 lux at 3 feet of daylight-balanced light from 160 LEDs—the equivalent of a 750W tungsten bulb without the face-melting heat. It has a CRI of 96 and stepless dimmer from 0 to 100 percent. The Tota casts a 65-degree beam without diffusion or a 100-degree spread with diffusion. It has a slot for umbrella modifiers and an auto-sensing power supply. The enclosure includes barn doors and the light ships with a yoke, V-mount attachment strap and a carrying case.

Price: $449

Lume Cube AIR

The petite AIR delivers 400 lux of daylight-balanced light at 1M with a 6 degree beam angle. You’ll enjoy a CRI of 90. The AIR weighs 2 ounces and is waterproof to a depth of 30 feet. It offers Bluetooth remote control, where users can control light intensity, light mode (continuous or flash) as well as view battery life and more. Brightness is adjustable from 0 to 100 percent. As far as mounting options, the AIR boasts a built-in magnet, plus a 1/4-20 thread for mounting.

Price: $70

Smith-Victor Acies Pro

These LED Strip Lights are designed to cover both large areas and narrow strips by adjusting the included barn doors. The fixtures can be used at any angle or direction with the multiple options for mounting and positioning. It has a 95 CRI and is sold in 32- and 48-inch sizes.

Price: $350 (32 inches), $630 (48 inches)


If you need a light that can stand up to harsh weather (or worse), the LitraPro can be dunked in up to 90 feet of water. It pumps out 1200 lumens with a CRI of 95 and a 70-degree beam angle. The LitraPro can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth and a mobile app, and it’s dimmable from 0 to 100 percent. Color temperature is adjustable from 3000K to 6000K. You’ll enjoy about 45 minutes of operation at max power. 

Price: $220

Litepanels Gemini 1×1 RGBW LED

Litepanels newest LED panel can deliver both full-spectrum white light and all the colors in the color wheel. The Gemini 1×1 weighs 11.7 pounds and has a maximum power draw of 200W. It’s dimmable from .1 to 100 percent without flickering or loss of color consistency, according to Litepanels. There are four lighting modes: CCT Mode for true daylight and tungsten with additional fine tuning, an HSI Mode to create colors, a Gel Mode to dial up many popular gels in seconds, and an Effects Mode for creating—you guessed it—effects. 

Price: $2,650

Chimera F3

Designed to be used as an overhead fixture for product and portrait work, the F3 can be remotely controlled via DMX and delivers an adjustable color temperature from 2600K to 6000K. There are two version of the F3: one that measures 5 x 5 feet and one that measures 5 x 10 feet. The F3 kit includes a high-quality LiteGear LED panel with a CRI and TLCI of >95 and a padded duffle bag to carry it all in. 

Price: $8,900 (5 x 5), $16,600 (5 x 10)

Continuous Strobes

Editor’s Choice: Profoto B10 Plus 

Profoto’s battery-powered monolight build off 2018’s B10 by adding a bit more size and a lot more power. The Plus delivers 500 W/s of flash output (twice the power of the B10) using the same battery as the B10. The Plus is a tad heavier than the B10, at 4.2 pounds and three inches longer, but it still offers AirTTL, HSS and a powerful LED modeling light that’s dimmable from 10 to 100 percent. The LED has a high CRI so it’s suitable for use with video shoots, not just stills. Power is adjustable over a 10-stop range with a recycling time of .05 to 2 seconds. 

Price: $2,095

Nissin i600

Nissin’s i600 delivers a guide number of 60 with optical wireless control and a zoom range of 24-200mm. Power is adjustable over a nine-stop range and the light supports TTL metering and HSS. It’s sold in versions for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony and Panasonic/Olympus cameras. The flash draws power from four AA batteries and can fire off up to 1,500 flashes, depending on the power setting. Recycle times clock in between 0.1 and 5.5 seconds. 

Price: $240

Phottix Juno TTL

Packed with TTL, manual and stroboscopic modes, Phottix’s Juno TTL flash uses the new Odin Z Operating System, which automatically detects what camera you’re using and sets TTL functions accordingly. It works for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax cameras. The Odin Z OS also enables the flash to function as a light meter and display real-time power settings on both the flash and any connected triggers. The Juno TTL has a guide number of 60 and recycling times under 4 seconds. It’s powered by four AA batteries. Its adjustable flash head can zoom out to 200mm, rotate up 90 degrees and swivel to the left or right up to 180 degrees.

Price: $199

Profoto A1X

The A1X retains the rounded flash head of the A1 and uses the same magnetic light modifiers as the original, but pumps out more flashes thanks to a more powerful battery. You can get up to 450 full-powered flashes versus the A1’s 350. You’ll enjoy slightly faster recycling times with the A1X as well–from .05 to 1 second. The A1X delivers 76 W/s of flash output and supports Profoto’s AirTTL and HSS. Power is adjustable over a nine-stop range. There’s an LED modeling lamp and a micro USB port for firmware updates. It’s available for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras.

Price: $1,095

Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Pro

The eVOLV Pro is a follow-up to the popular box-like and modular strobe that adds improved color consistency. Other changes include the addition of a USB-C port, a tweaked interface and new buttons. Power is adjustable across a nine-stop range and there’s an auto-sensing radio receiver mode for broad compatibility with a number of camera brands. The flash features HHS and TTL and the eVOLV’s interchangeable flash head design.

Price: $349

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