10 Great Battery-Powered Strobes

April 15, 2019

By Greg Scoblete

Hensel Foris

Output: 400 W/s
Recycling Times: TBD
Battery Life: TBD
Weight: TBD

Special Features: The forthcoming Foris will feature Hybrid Power Technology enabling the flash to operate on either battery or AC power. When plugged into AC power, you’ll get faster recycling times and the ability to keep the 40W LED modeling light on. The Foris will support TTL for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sigma in a single transceiver with an LED screen. Sony cameras will also be supported in a separate transmitter. The flash will have HSS and PowerSync, Hensel’s version of Pocket Wizard’s HyperSync, which slows the flash duration to create the precise slice of light necessary to illuminate the scene while allowing the photographer to overpower the sun and freeze motion.

Price: tbd 

Flashpoint eVOLV 200 TTL

Output: 200 W/s adjustable over a 6- or 8-stop range (manual)
Recycling Times: .01-2.1 sec.
Battery Life: 520 full-powered flashes
Weight: 2 pounds (bare bulb head)

Special Features: The eVOLV supports TTL metering, High Speed Sync (HSS) and Flashpoint’s R2 radio-control technology, making it compatible with other R2-enabled flashes. It’s compatible with triggers for Canon, Nikon and Sony. The eVOLV’s unique design enables it to be easily paired with a second unit if you need to increase flash output. It has an interchangeable bare bulb head that can be replaced with a Fresnel head or a full-range of traditional flash modifiers.

Price: $299

Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed

Output: 250 W/s adjustable over a 9-stop range
Recycling Times: 1.5 sec.
Battery Life: 430 full-powered flashes
Weight: 3.9 pounds

Special Features: The Honey Badger Unleashed supports HSS and TTL metering. Its built-in 15W LED modeling lamp can output 1250 lumens when used as a continuous light source. The LED has a CRI of 90+. A stroboscopic mode fires off at 99Hz when using Version 2 of the Interfit TTL remote. It accepts Bowens S-mount modifiers.

Price: $350

Broncolor Siros L 400

Output: 400 W/s controllable over 9 stops
Recycling Times: .03-1.2 sec. (normal mode)
Battery Life: 440 full-powered flashes
Weight: 8.1 pounds

Special Features: The Siros L is the first battery-powered monolight to date with built-in Wi-Fi. Connect the Siros L to a Wi-Fi network and you can use the free bronControl app to change light settings, including multiple groups of lights (up to six), from your mobile device. The light can also establish its own ad-hoc Wi-Fi network if none is available. There’s a 25W, 3000K LED modeling light. The L offers several shooting modes including a sync sequence mode for firing off multiple flashes in quick succession and a freemask mode to shoot silhouettes. There’s also support for HS, Broncolor’s version of HSS, for shooting at 1/8000 sec. Its external flash tube is designed for maximum light output when using modifiers like softboxes and parabolic reflectors.

Price: $2,158

Godox Wistro AD400 Pro

Output: 400 W/s adjustable over a 9-stop range
Recycling Times: .1 to .9 sec.
Battery Life: 380 full-powered flashes
Weight: 4.6 pounds

Special Features: The Wistro AD400 Pro supports TTL metering for Canon and Nikon, plus wireless triggering for Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm cameras. You’ll enjoy HSS, a stroboscopic mode and an S-mount adapter for adding modifiers. It has an AC port so you can connect it to a power supply when the battery runs out.

Price: $649

Phottix Indra 500LC

Output: 500 W/s adjustable over an 8-stop range
Recycling Times: .1-3 sec.
Battery Life: 400 full-powered flashes
Weight: 4.6 pounds

Special Features: The strobe/battery combo works with both Canon’s RT radio triggering system plus Phottix Laso systems. It features TTL, HSS and a stroboscopic mode that fires off up to 100 times in rapid succession. There’s a 4.5W modeling light and a Bowens S-mount for light modifiers.

Price: $1,000

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

Output: 500 W/s controllable over a 7-stop range
Recycling Times: .05-2 sec.
Battery Life: 400 full-powered flashes
Weight: 5.5 pounds

Special Features: The pack and head system features a pair of asymmetric power outlets and is compatible with the Phottix ODIN II wireless system. It features a Manual Lock function that lets you set exposure in TTL and then switch to manual to make additional tweaks. An Active Charging feature lets you use the flash and charge the battery simultaneously. The flash supports HSS but not Elinchrom’s proprietary Hi-Sync technology.

Price: $1,900


Output: 360 W/s
Recycling Times: .02-2 sec.
Battery Life: 300 full-powered flashes
Weight: 2.75 pounds

Special Features: The BriHT supports TTL metering for Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm cameras with the appropriate transmitter. You’ll also find HSS support plus a Multi mode that fires up to 99 flashes in rapid succession. It uses a 7W LED modeling light.

Price: $679

Impact Cruiser TTL-500

Output: 500 W/s controllable over a 9-stop range
Recycling Times: 3 sec.
Battery Life: 350 full-powered flashes
Weight: 5.9 pounds

Special Features: The Cruiser offers TTL metering and HSS for Canon and Nikon cameras. There’s a 10W LED modeling light and a 2.4GHz transmitter for Canon, Sony and Nikon cameras.

Price: $449

Profoto B10

Output: 250 W/s adjustable over a 10-stop range
Recycling Times: .05-2 sec.
Battery Life: 400 full-powered flashes
Weight: 3.3 pounds

Special Features: The B10 supports HSS and TTL metering using the company’s AirTTL remote. What’s more, its LED modeling light is strong enough to double as a continuous light source, pumping out 2,500 lumens (roughly equivalent to 150W). The LED’s color temperature is adjustable from 3000-6500K and dimmable from 10-100 percent with a CRI of 90-96. The B10 also incorporates Bluetooth so you can control light settings with a free smartphone app. It also lets you download and update the light’s firmware. There’s even a camera in the app that can trigger the B10—it’s ostensibly there to let you preview how the light will fall on your subjects, but there’s no stopping you from giving your smartphone snapshots some genuine off-camera lighting. You can control up to three B10s from a single phone.

Price: $1,695

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