Boudoir Photo Location Ideas: 12 Alternatives to a Studio

June 8, 2022

By Emma Christine

© Emma Christine

How do you shoot boudoir photography if you don’t have a studio space? This is a topic that I see talked about a lot in my Facebook Group and that people ask me on a pretty regular basis. Well I’m super excited to tell you that not having studio space is not a problem for boudoir photography!

© Emma Christine

All you need is some creativity and some props to re-imagine an existing space or outdoor location. Here are 12 great boudoir photography location ideas as alternatives to a conventional boudoir studio: 

  • Your master bedroom 
  • A guest bedroom
  • Your living room
  • Dining room by a patio door
  • A she shed in your backyard 
  • An Airbnb 
  • A Hotel
  • Your client’s home
  • A studio that you rent hourly
  • Outside (outdoor boudoir is totally a thing!)
  • Your basement
  • Beach

Boudoir Location Ideas: Finding a Spot

My overall biggest tip for finding a spot? Literally anywhere with nice light.

You may be reading this list and feeling intimidated about inviting your client into your home for boudoir or even to go to their house. Let me tell you guys, that is in your mind! The number one thing that you need to keep in mind with anything involving boudoir photography, is making your client feel amazing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a massive studio or your guest room, the experience you serve them with is key. If you’re nervous about having your client in your guest room or basement, take some time before their session to really clean out that space, open windows, play some music and let it feel fresh again. And your client’s home is an amazing place to work in because there is already a level of comfort for them there! 

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Editor’s Note: If you do take your boudoir shoot outdoors, it can involve extra planning, especially since there can be less privacy, depending on the outdoor space you choose, as well as temperature concerns, sun exposure and more. And then there is the question of access. Are you in an outdoor space that still requires a permit? Make sure to have all of these questions answered and taken care of before you head out with your client.

A Starter Kit

Okay, now that we have a list to go off of, you may be wondering what to bring as far as props or a set up to these locations for your client. Here is my go-to list of items that can easily be packed up and moved from location to location. 

This setup is under $150!  And while it’s not completely necessary, it’s a great starter kit for boudoir photography that can easily be moved around. 

One Last Tip

When on the lookout for boudoir photography location ideas, remember to also think about what you already have. You can truly make your client feel gorgeous and amazing without a studio, a king bed with silk sheets, or a perfectly curated client wardrobe. Use what you have available and work it. If you have your backyard and a blanket, you can make it work! It’s important for you to have confidence in yourself and help serve that confidence to your client. Because at the end of the day, that’s all they want from their boudoir photography shoots—to feel empowered. 

Boudoir photographer Emma Christine.

Emma Christine is a Sioux Falls boudoir photographer who says helping people feel their best has always been part of who she is. Before focusing on boudoir photography, she worked as a nurse, and now uses that same expert care to help women feel like a million bucks. Visit her blog for more inspiration.