Stefano Cassaro creates his photo magic through the use of contrasts, bright colors and the infusion of a cinematic mood.

The digital photographer says he defines himself as a modern dreamer and takes pride in helping other people create that perfect ever-after with their wedding day. “I’ve always been fascinated by people and the emotions that fall upon their faces,” he explains.

He mainly uses a Sony A7 III and Sony A9 to capture the wedding day in all its glory. “I am inspired by Caravaggio’s ‘use of light’ and by the style of Flemish painters and the colors of the Impressionist masterpieces, whose fascinations with emotions created truly incomparable works of art.”

That said, Cassaro claims not to love his photographs. “Not yet, at least. I always find them imperfect, like my soul. When I have taken the perfect photo, I will stop working. But it will never happen.”