Myriam Ménard (Crémeux Photo)

Myriam Menard of Crémeux Photo sees the world through a joyful lens and her innate curiosity makes her a natural traveler, adventurer, and great storyteller. She says: “I’ve always been drawn to the hidden beauty in shared moments of love. To me, relationships are a kind of artwork; a unique creation that’s forged by the tools of our heart, fortified with time and vibrating with a stunning emotional charge.”

She describes her photo style as a cinematic nod to the “creamy, dreamy wash of Old Hollywood glamour. I love timeless elegance and search for natural framings that embody this soft, warm aesthetic in my work.” She also prioritizes images that give off an emotion, an impression of a real moment that she did not control over static images or that speak of a moment that does not exist or that was created from scratch.

Technically, she always makes sure that her whole body of work is always consistent and coherent. “I always try to have a minimum of 10 percent black and white photos and I work with one color and one black-and-white preset, which allows me to ensure a general consistency by providing an harmonious viewing throughout a gallery.”