Madison ” Max” Pittman (Max McQueen Photo)

Madison “Max” Pittman of Max McQueen Photo, says that since coming out as queer two years ago, her work has become more colorful, more vibrant, and more honest. “As I have gotten to know myself as a person, I have found my community through my work, and I have enjoyed celebrating our love with everything in my being.”

Her post-production approach consists of the following: “I work off of a film profile (usually starting with Fujifilm’s built in Classic Chrome profile) and add a little bit of warmth. I like to keep my colors true to life! I l keep my black-and-white images as clean and crisp as possible. I believe the work should shine straight out of camera and my post processing should provide the finishing touches.”

In the end, Pittman says her favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is “my adjacency to joy. There is always something and someone to celebrate in my life and in my work, and I treasure that. Even when the world has seemed overwhelming and dark over the past few years, my work has brought me an endless amount of reasons to reflect on all the good and all the love the world still has to offer.”