Jimena Llamas uses words like “honest”, “resilient”, “passionate”, “real” and “clean” to describe her photo style. “I really like to represent the couples I photograph as they are,” she says. “I like waiting for that moment when they think that I am not taking pictures of them and then I capture them. I always look for a clean space and symmetry; it gives me peace.”

The first thing Llamas does when she gets home from a wedding is to take all the SD cards and back them up to both of her hard drives. And the next day she does an edit and sends the selection to the couple, “After that I try to take my time on each couple’s wedding photos so that everything is perfect, at least to my eyes,” she says. “Every photo has a feeling on the day and I like to edit it as it was—the mood, the vibe, every color and light as I felt it.”

To do her best work, she says her gear of choice is a Canon R6 and 35mm 1.8 lens, and a Canon R with a 50mm f/1.2 lens (or a 70-200mm if she has a second photographer with her). “I also take a 24mm in case there are small rooms or to use at the party. And I always take a third extra body, the Canon 5D Mark IV, in case anything happened to my other two cameras.”