Jeremiah and Wen Wen (The Shots Gallery)

Jeremiah and Wen Wen describe their style as cinematic, mostly dark and moody but including layered lighting to highlight and hide aspects of the image. “We love moments, where people either start cracking up or breaking down—we love them all.”

For them, their wedding captures come down to intuition and reading the room—”when you know something is about to happen and being proven right, with your camera already at the ready,” they explain. “Being in a more reserved part of the world we tend to need to be instigators. We love getting people to open up to feelings that they never knew they had and leave them to role play as themselves while we melt away into the background like the shadows we tend to exploit.”

Finding the light and its relationship with the frame is how they say they usually approach a scene—windows , sky panels, fittings—if it’s there, they will try to use it. “We have even used hotel room towels and reflectors draped over chairs and hangers. Sometimes we think that ‘McGyvering’ a situation is just as fun as photographing it.”