Hollie Mateer (M and G Wedding Photography)

“Wide in range—from the lyrical to the quirky and always empathetic to clients and their guests—I create images that are as unique as my subjects,” says Hollie Mateer of M and G Wedding Photography.

Her photographs, she adds, are always about the people—from the emotions to the comic moments and beyond. “The DNA of my style is a marriage between a documentary approach and the aesthetic realization where the two truly co-exist,” she explains.

Mateer says that being only 5 foot 3 inches tall helps her be unobtrusive and allows her to easily slip between people. “I’m an ‘everyone’ photographer, my style allows a wedding to breathe, to exist in its own right. No interventions. My tag line is: ‘Don’t get posed, get married.’ Even if I’m showing the most emotional or the most chaotic scene, I want my images to be balanced, engaging and beautiful. I want them to draw you in.”