Romantic, artistic and passionate are three words that can easily be used to describe the photographic style of Gaby Bolivar. “I love to create pictures that show emotion and that show people living in the moment,” she explains. “I also love to focus on details because focusing on details means you’re living in the moment.”

The digital and film photographer, who primarily uses a Canon R6, says she got obsessed with weddings and started doing “homemade styled shoots” with her friends. “I didn’t have any contact with vendors or anything. I called a couple of friends who had gotten married and asked them for their dresses. I called other really pretty friends and asked them if they could model for me. My best friend did their makeup. And as silly as these photoshoots may sound…that’s how I built my first portfolio.”

Now she realizes that photography has changed the way she lives her life. “I used to run from goal to goal, constantly working, constantly hustling. Photography takes me back to the present. Living as a photographer means learning to accept things as they are. It means seeing the beauty in the unexpected, in fractions of moments. It means feeling, crying, laughing and taking in each emotion as it happens.”