“Our couples are unique; our style is unique,” says the colorful wedding duo, Emma and Rich Warley. “Every wedding we shoot is different from the last one.” Both Emma and Rich are self-taught photographers, learning most of what they know from practice, watching YouTube videos and attending as many wedding photography workshops as they could, while figuring out their true style.

The Warleys pride themselves on being “incredibly chill,” hands-off wedding photographers who are in tune with the vibe of the clients and always willing to go with the flow of the wedding day. Along with a sense of calm, the duo brings an enormous amount of fun and creativity to every wedding they shoot, complimenting their quirky documentary style and making for a diverse portfolio.

Being able to synchronize with the environment so well comes with an advantage: “At every wedding we are mistaken for old friends of the couple, despite having only just met them on the day, in most circumstances, and we love that.”

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