“I’m a huge fan of keeping things simple,” says David Conaty about his photo style and approach, “and, although I’m willing to spend time editing an image to how I see it in my head, I often feel the best edits are the quickest ones. For me, I try to capture everything in camera as best as I can so that the post-production is easier.”

His editing style, he adds, is massively influenced by nature and the place where he lives— Scotland. “I spend every shoot exploring the mountains, lochs, and glens around where I live and see my work as a way to honor the beauty of the landscape. Most of my work is on the Isle of Skye, where the weather is, shall we say, turbulent But, I love it! Nothing makes me happier than running through wet grass into a bracing wind with my cameras in hand [Sony A7 IIIs], alongside couples who want to fully embrace the elements. It’s where I feel at home and where I feel free.”

As evident with some of his images shown here, Conaty is drawn to creating images that “capture the grandiosity and wonder of nature as well as softer, more fleeting moments that show human connection in its truest form.”