Danielle Dolan says her photography style is ethereal and full of life. “I never want to just take pretty photographs. I am much more interested in capturing the essence of a couple’s energy. My goal is to create photographs that have a high vibration to them—radiating joy, warmth and kindness.”

Losing her dad unexpectedly made the photographer realize that it’s actually the messy, candid snapshots of a person that can best capture their soul. “Now, I cherish those old photograph of my dad that allow his soul to live on for eternity,” she says. “These kind of snapshots are the powerful keepsakes that I hope to gift to each couple who entrusts me with this work.”

Dolan adds that since she shoots hybrid, she spends most of her time in post working on sequencing the wedding day by hand. “Film is always my personal preference to shoot with because of it’s timelessness and ethereal qualities, but sometimes digital is better in low-light situations where I want to capture the ambience of a scene—without using flash or a tripod. I probably end up delivering about 20 percent digital work and 80 percent film work per wedding gallery, but that can vary depending on the environment I am shooting in.”