For Bettina Vass, the technical aspect of photography is not what she focuses on in her work. “At its core, it’s more about capturing the relationship and personality of my clients that is brought out by the raw Icelandic landscape,” she explains. “I try to stay as far as I can from current trends that will look outdated in the future and instead bring out the couple’s personality. My aim is to create everlasting and meaningful memories that will speak to my clients and to their loved ones.”

To do that, she says her work is a mixture of both a documentary and editorial style woven together to tell the tale of an elopement day. “The epic scenery of Iceland influences my photography greatly, but the strong connection between two people is what inspires me more than any cliff or waterfall.”

Client experience is one of the most important pillars of Vass’ business and her brand. She admits to pouring her full heart and soul into her clients’ elopement day—from how she presents her work on social media, the front-end interactions on her website, and the first inquiry, throughout the whole process of booking and communication all the way until delivering their gallery, “I make sure that they feel heard, comfortable, and are excited about planning their wedding in Iceland.”