“I’m heavily drawn to composition, symmetry, emotion and elegance,” says Ash Davenport when asked to describe his photographic style. “I always try to incorporate these aspects in the images I create.”

Sometimes his images are inspired by the location, the scene or the couples themselves, he adds. Other times, it’s through his use of lighting or creative compositions. “I am inspired by showing different viewpoints and by cropping at untraditional points. This highlights certain elements of the wedding day not necessarily given as much addition in the mainstream feed—whether it be details like lips, the dress, jewelry or other features.”

The predominantly Sony shooter says that editing comes hand-in-hand with the expression of his creative voice: “I’m obsessed with in-camera composition, but I use post-production to aid this where it is not possible in-camera. Cropping and reframing are as important as any other element of post-production to me. My aim for post-production is to make the images easier to digest and enjoy. I believe post-production should be subtle and add to the image and not make the ‘edit’ part of the image.”