Photographer Ann Elizabeth says that shooting a wedding is “like writing a poem to the couple about this amazing day you got to spend with them and their loved ones. A wedding gallery is not a newspaper article. I don’t believe I’m there to just state the facts. By injecting poetry into the imagery, I give myself permission to play and experiment with the telling of the story.”

She continues: “I want to give the couple a poem that feels beautiful, so I’m always looking for moments that are seductive or sentimental…but I also want the poem to have moments that are interesting or peculiar. My favorite images often feel a little strange, dreamlike even–they make you ask questions, to want to know more.”

The Canon shooter adds that she really likes to shoot a wedding from the inside. “With my longest lens being a 50mm, people need to feel comfortable with my presence. This starts with fostering a good relationship with my clients. If they’re super comfortable with me, their guests are often inspired to feel the same.”