Andrew Brannan’s love of photography first started as a hobby. He taught himself how to use a camera and practiced by doing street photography in New York City—where he lived at the time—and by taking day trips to shoot landscapes. “When I began to consider wedding photography as a career, I emailed my portfolio to my favorite wedding photographer and asked to be his assistant,” he says. “He agreed and I did it for about a year or so before I relocated back to the UK and started Andrew Brannan Photography. Since then, I’ve built my business and honed my craft slowly, as it took some time for me to really nail down my shooting style, the experience I wanted to provide my clients, and who I am as an artist.”

Three things always on his mind when photographing weddings are: light, symmetry and how he is going to frame his subjects. “This is in addition to my overall focus on capturing emotion and intimate moments of connection, of course.”

During the wedding day, Brannan never stops moving and is always quick to get into where the action is. “A client once told me that I was like a ninja, in reference to the fact that I move silently and get everywhere. This approach is driven by my desire to always fill the frame of candid shots, making sure that there is always something going on in the foreground and background.”