“The word I would use to describe my style is ‘sincere’,'” says Andrés Mondragón. “In each wedding, I go beyond delivering beautiful photos of the bride and groom—I incorporate a style that couples can identify themselves in when  looking at the pictures—where their personalities and the dynamics of their relationships are well-represented.”

Adds Mondragón: “My objective is to create images that my couples will see tomorrow and can relive what they felt on the day of the wedding. I like that every time they see their pictures, they can find new details but are still transported back to the feelings of that day.”

The photographer says he mainly works his images from the camera, taking a couple of seconds more to get his exposures and parameters correct. “I play with the emulations of film and profiles that the camera offers me,” Mondragón explains. “Once at home, I prefer to dedicate just enough time to work my colors and then put my whole effort into the narrative so I can tell the best possible story. I firmly believe that post-production trends and presets go out of style sooner or later; well-told stories do not.”