For Andrea Verenini, photography is about capturing a glimpse of a fleeting moment and turning it into a story to enjoy again and again. “It is a narrative through light and shadow, a moment in time transformed into raw emotion,” he explains.

Andrea Verenini describes his photographic style is romantic, painterly and dramatic. “I want my images to create stories that each viewer can dive into, explore, add to, and individually fill in the gaps left by the cropping and scaling of the shot with their own interpretations,” he says. “Each image becomes a personal experience which, like a painting, has its meaning rooted in the way the viewer interprets and ‘feels’ it. “

To achieve his unique images, Canon shooter Verenini likes to play with drastic scale, zooming in very close on details or zooming out to create big cinematographic scenes. “I love to play equally with reflections and depth of field, to make something interesting out of something perhaps otherwise ordinary.”

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