Andrea Laurenza says that at the beginning of his career, he got into street photography, learning how the catch unique and emotional moments. But then he changed his point of view after studying art. “In 2019 I joined the Accademia di Belle Arti in Genoa,” he explains. “Just watching what these great artists did helped me learn and understand the true meaning of light. I fell in love with Caravaggio, which has had a great impact on me and these days, he is still my main source of inspiration.”

While Laurenza strives to get 90 percent of his final result in-camera, he explains that lights, shadows, and contrasts are worked on in the computer, “to get the subject stand out in the scene.” The Sony shooter also says he has spent his last few years creating personal presets, inspired by an old film—the KODAK PORTRA 160+. That said, post-production, he adds, is just the signature on the identity of his photographs.

“Every story is different, and every couple loves differently, so I pay a lot of attention to the details and what they convey to me because through them, every couple can recognize themselves in any picture I make.”