For Amy Sampson, every wedding is unique; every couple getting married is unique. “My photography style reflects that,” she says. “No cookie-cutter wedding photography here. I love to shoot everything in its context however relaxed, unconventional, untraditional, different, quirky, chaotic, funny and fun-filled that is!”

Her post-production consists of created presets for differing parts of the day with an overall aim to bring warmth, vibrancy and a slight hint of a cinematic feel to the images.

“I very definitely class myself as a reportage photographer,” she explains. “I like to interfere as little as possible, thriving on capturing the beauty in the chaos. For me, I want to be able to make time travel possible for my clients. When they sit down with their album, they’ll be hearing the in-jokes, feeling the music pumping, remembering the epic dance-offs, the time it rained suddenly without warning, how much their best friends laughed and their family members cried, how the cake melted and leaned to one-side, and how it really didn’t matter how muddy the dress got! I create images that are tangible, filled with personality, emotion and fun.”