Photographer Albany Katz says that “experimental” is one way to describe her editorial style of wedding imagery. “I love to play with double exposure, interesting composition, shadow play, experimental film stocks, and different vintage cameras,” she explains. “My goal is for my client’s wedding gallery to be sprinkled with pops of variation—from film formats to different cameras, to artistic decisions like motion blur or multiple exposures.”

She also defines her style as “edgy: “I tend to seek out moments that are imperfect and real, from a dirty cake table at the end of the night, to a newly tattooed bride who is brimming with glee.  I love the in-between moments.”

To capture her looks, she brings one digital camera—typically a Canon R6 Mirrorless—and six to seven film cameras to every wedding, including a Holga, Pentax Point and Shoot, Minolta 35mm, SX-70 Polaroid, and Hasselblad.