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Waterfront Wedding: Guests Boat In For “I Dos”

September 14, 2020

By Jacqueline Tobin

Like many couples who were planning to get married in 2020, Callie and James needed to change things up because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of the backyard wedding they had initially planned, they were forced to change plans and instead implemented a revamped celebration—a waterfront wedding that allowed guests to attend via row boats, kayaks and even yachts—to ensure that social distancing rules would be maintained.

Guests Boated in for Wedding
All Photos © Joe Tobiason Photography

“As this is the Pacific Northwest and Callie’s family had a beachfront cabin, the couple decided to hold the wedding on the bulkhead at high tide under a handmade driftwood arch,” says photographer Joe Tobiason, who shot a mix of digital and film to capture the day. “It was very cool—they invited guests to paddle, row, canoe, boat, yacht or kayak to the celebration, which included a floating dock of refreshments (with individual packaged chips, cookies and drinks).”

For Wedding at Water's Edge, bulkhead was decorated.
Exchanging "I Dos"

Once the ceremony finished, they rowed around, passing out chocolate chip cookies to everyone before sending them on their way as friends lit off sparklers (It was a July 3 wedding after all).

Water's Edge Wedding with rowboats and yachts.
Bride and Groom on their "Just Married" rowboat for their Water's Edge Wedding
Water's Edge Wedding

As for clothing, the couple also chose to do things a bit differently, according to Tobiason. “Callie wore a jumpsuit on the wedding day (and chose a nearly matching one for the flower girl). James borrowed a vintage family tie from Callie’s brother to bring together his look. They enjoyed flowers assembled together by Callie and her sister-in-law, and a good friend made the cake.”


Photographer: Joe Tobiason

(Brett Becklund was in one of the canoes photographing a few images to capture other angles of the wedding.)

Bride’s jumpsuit: Jill Stuart from BHLDN

Bride’s shoes: Everlane

(Everything else was DIY.)


Digital cameras and lenses: Canon 5D Mark III with 50mm f/1.2 and Canon 5D Mark IV with 24mm f/1.4

Film cameras, lenses and film: Mamiya RZ67 and 110mm f/2.8 lens (using Kodak Portra 400 Color film and Ilford HP5Plus B&W film); Mamiya 6 MF and 75mm f/3.5 lens (using Kodak Portra 400 film); two Olympus MJUs (one with Kodak Portra 400 and one with Kentmere 400 film)

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