Wedding of the Week

Styling in Sardinia

February 20, 2020

By Jacqueline Tobin

Rome-based wedding photographer Francesca Floris shares how bride Misu, from the south of Italy (Puglia) decided to get married in unique style in the municipality of Galtellì in Sardinia.

“She was a very lucky bride,” says Floris, “as she was able to get ready in a very old, tiny house called ‘la casa delle dame Pintor,’ which was the house from the novel Canne al Vento  by Italian author and Nobel Prize winner Grazia Deledda (Nobel 1926).”

Floris adds that she was really amused by this mix of poetry and mystery felt there. “I cannot explain the emotion that I felt in this house.”

In addition to the unique location, Floris was struck by the wedding details, including the bridal gown and invitations.

“The dress was from the designer Elisabetta Delogu, a very unique style with an amazing cap, and wedding invitations had a concert ticket shape and a great graphic designed by Milan art director Andrea Tamarindo.”

The ceremony was celebrated inside a 17th-century ethnographical museum, Casa Marras, and included a traditional Sardinian choir. After the ceremony, it all wrapped up nicely with the bride and groom hosting a great party for their guests at Agriturismo S’Ozzastruo, a nice local resort in the middle of the Sardinian mountains.

Gear of the Day:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV

Lenses: 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 45mm TS

Lighting: Flash on tripod for party shots 

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